Sunday, February 10, 2008

New crafting – Bases and More Spiders

So I got some crafting done tonight, but when I went to take the pictures I found the battery was dead. Going to get some pictures tomorrow and post them. I completed assembling 8 bases for the additional 8 spiders for the unit, using normal sized bases (25mm), green stuff, and Tau parts. I also used some of the medium sized Slate from the 40K basing kit. I think they look pretty cool, and will look much better after paint and sand has been applied. I also used a slightly larger base (40mm) for the Warp Spider Exarch. That base also has some slate on it, and a Tau Stealth Suit that has been cut in half by the Exarch. It's a bit of an "Epic Base" as the hosts of the Drop Pod Cast would say.

I will post more tomorrow with the pictures.

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