Monday, April 28, 2008

Colonial GT 2008 – Duraks Black Powder Brigade

So the colonial GT is over, and it was a great GT. I had an incredibly enjoyable time, even though I went 0-1-4 at the tourney. I came in 95th of 100, so I have lots of room to improve. Even though I am on the WHFB high right now, I need to get back to focusing on my Eldar and my painting/crafting. The paint jobs at the colonial were pretty incredible, and I will get some posted when I return from San Jose on Thursday. For now, here are the pictures of the dwarfs that I promised.

A high level overview of the tournament can be found here: MWUnion Forum Thread

And here are some pictures of the other armies from the GT (Colonial GT Pics)

Lord, Cannon, and Miners




Army on Display Board




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