Saturday, July 26, 2008

Non-Picture update

So its about time I got back to work and updated the blog. I wish I was able to return in glory with my completed Spider unit, but alas that is not to be.

We had house guests for the end of June and early July, so I was not really comfortable working on my models since my craft area is next door to thier room. Then I was on a trip, so I just got back into crafting tonight.

But, I have completed several things:
1. I have assembled the Death Spinners for the remainder of the Spider unit.
2. Got the Death Spinners primed and ready to paint
3. Assembled 18 new bases for the 2 Dire Avenger squads
4. Assembled 18 Dire Avengers minus guns and arms
5. Primed the Avengers and bases so I am ready to go with the paint

So, I have the Airbrush and will be keeping it. I am looking forward to seeing the effect it has on the Avengers. Having the airbrush and reading about the results is one reason I assembled all 18 DA's at once. My plan is to base coat with Enchanted Blue, Wash with Asurmen Blue, then highlight the edges of the armor with Space Wolves Grey. If anyone has some suggestions around these colors, please let me know. I will probably post on Warseer for some input as well on the colors.

So, the next pictures I expect to be posting is the completed Spider Squad. Its been 7 long months but they are so close to completion I can taste it.
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