Thursday, June 11, 2009

40K Radio World Wide War

I want to first thank Eldanesh, who may not realize I snagged his picture from the 40K Radio forums. This logo was just far too cool!

Now, onto the substance of the post! 40K Radio is sponsoring the World Wide War for the second year. This year it will be September 19, and I will be entering. Local venues have not yet been announced, but I assume they will begin signing up soon.

So, from today I have approximately 3 months to complete my Eldar army (at least what I am bringing) and start practicing with 1750 points. It certainly looks like this summer will be the summer of 40K.


  1. I played in this last year, and was unimpressed. It seemed like it cost a lot for a Saturday RTT (though that might have been from Don rolling it into his annual GT ticket tournament which obviously won't be happening this year) and the scenarios were not very good.

  2. I'd definitely agree that this is going to be the summer of 40K. I am currently in the trial stages of a new army, and have plans to revamp or work on several more this summer. I will definitely look forward to getting in some games with you.

    Also I in tend to participate in the world wide war event also, and I think I did last year too.