Monday, May 2, 2011

Hobby Status - First 4 months of 2011

Well, we are a third of the way into 2011 and after the last 2 weeks of very little news, I figured I would pop on and write a quick post about what I have been up to. Earlier, in January, I wrote about some of the changes to the blog and the addition of the hobby tracking spreadsheet. This has been a boon, and very helpful in tracking my overall hobby.  It also gives me an opportunity to share some of the progress with the lighter readers, ie. those who do not want to wander over the the spreadsheet directly.

So, what has the crafting, assembly, and painting front held so far this year?

Fairly cool, isn't it. As you can see, I spiked during February with a real flurry of painting and modeling around my Neverborn. This was a lot of work putting together and painting up my Dreamer crew. Starting in March, and then really picking up steam in April I have begun knocking on my Guild crews for my self-proclaimed "Summer of Guild". Of note is the steady low number of Eldar that squeak through every month. To this end, there are a couple things in the works. I am still knocking out the random Harliquin over time. I also received a fair amount of Forge World recently, including a Lynx, 2x Warp Hunters, 2 full squads of Shadow Specters (plus Exarchs), 2 Wraith Seers, and 2 conversion kits for the new Corsairs. I put together my first Corsair model this weekend, using a couple bits here and there, and primed him. I will be painting him up in Biel Tan colors to see how it looks with the wings. I also commissioned a friend of mine to paint up my Lynx. I am looking forward to how that comes out.

This year I decided was going to be more focused on playing that it was on hobby, as a change from the past several years. This is one reason my painting and modeling is somewhat slow. Its important to keep in mind that I need to reach double the painting points as last year to match my "output", since I have added in assembly to the tracking, effectively doubling my points. Even with that in mind, the playing stats are kind of cool to look at.

I have tracked 55 games so far this year. Of note, I have not tracked the majority of my Malifaux Demo games, as they are not really games and typically only played with 4 models on the table. I also have a fair number of other games that for a variety of purposes cannot be tracked. Even with that, its fun to see that over half my games have been played this year with my Neverborn for Malifaux. This makes sense, due to the number of practice games and preparation I did looking toward Adepticon. Now that I have switched over to Guild for my regular games, I am seeing the Guild number rise. I am sure this will jump up quickly with the next couple tournaments. Adepticon also helped my Dwarf numbers, as I got a fair number of games in with them as well.

I love this sheet as well. This is my win/loss/draw with the different armies I am playing with. Overall, my guild is certainly suffering, but I am getting back into practice with them.

So, whats the plan moving forward? More of the same really. I do need to get back to pushing on my photography, and get more pictures of the new stuff posted. In addition, I need to get back to photographing my old stuff as well, to make it accessible in the army lists. I guess the last hallmark I hit recently is 7700 points of Eldar. I am looking forward to getting some sporadic games in with the new stuff, along with planning an apocalypse game over the summer. I am also really looking forward to the new IA book fro Forgeworld, especially with all the new Eldar coming out.


  1. Just a question, you keep throwing out a number of complete points of Eldar. What about Malifaux? How many ss of models do you have complete total and by faction?

  2. You know, I have not looked at that. I will have to see. I do have my complete Malifaux (painted) collection posted on the tab at the top.

  3. I have an even better question, who does your graphs? I need him on my team =)