Monday, February 20, 2012

Paint Week Continues!!!

Apparently I forgot to post the Drill Sergeant last week with the rest of the totems. Ok, lets be honest, I thought leaving him off last week would give me a great opening picture for this post! Hah, the little guy is mad and he gets a slightly better spot than the other totems. And the poor little nephilim is still without a picture.

Anyway, lets move onto the new pictures. I grabbed a picture of Master Sonnia, the original sculpt while I was taking pictures. I am not a fan of her model, mostly due to the cigarette in her hand. Overall I did not find her to be an exciting model either. I originally painted her up just because I new the Avatar was coming. Now she holds a place in my mini-case on display.

Lucius was another model that I did not realize I had not taken an individual picture of previously. I have to say, I believe he may be one of my more favored models from the pose and sculpting.

Lastly we have a model I have not had a chance to use yet. I am looking forward to getting this guy on the table, but his rules give him a fairly narrow focus of use. Here is the newly released Exorcist.

Sadly that brings paint week to a close. So lets see, paint week consisted of 3 days in reality, and I think we got close to a dozen pictures. Ok, I need to bulk up next time I run this series!

Hope you enjoyed. Constructive Comments always welcome!
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