Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Malifaux Puzzle Anyone?

Thanks to Bell of Lost Souls for the cover art to the new Malifaux Book, Storm of Shadows. Its due out at Gencon and the excitement is growing! The blog-o-sphere and the Podcasting community is really jumping on board as Gencon gets closer and more information is leaked out.

Speaking of new information being disseminated to the community, everyone who is interested in teasers should go and check out the Breachside Broadcast. Its available at the website (link previously) and also on iTunes. This is a great little podcast set-up to support the current Malifaux Summer campaign, Dead Heat. Its has been a privledge to be part of it and a lot of fun to do. One of the best parts of the broadcast has been getting to record audio snippets to release with a new teaser picture from the upcoming book. To that end, we come to this blog post. Wyrd was kind enough to share the following puzzle piece with me. Check out the Breachside Broadcast episode 4.2 for more details.

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