Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gamers Lounge Special – Creature Caster

I'm not going to dive in too deep detail here, as this is a cross promotion to my podcast. Last night I was privileged to speak with Jeremy Glen of Creature Caster about his upcoming kickstarter. Jeremy was the driving force behind Ultraforge Miniatures, those large scale centerpiece models of Demons, Dragons, and Treemen you are jealous of when your opponent pulls them out. Well, Jeremy is back with a new venture, Creature Caster, and his models are reaching greater heights of detail! We talk about his new Digital Sculpting process and how the new process differs from physical sculpting. We also delve into his strategy and approach to using kickstarter and how the upcoming kickstarter will help him launch the new company.

I'm pretty excited for this kickstarter and want to help get the word out there. Jeremy also shared a great deal of insight into the transition from traditional miniature sculpting to CG sculpting. We can all see this is where the industry is headed and Jeremy shed some light on how things are changing.

Go check it out!!

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