Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's getting Dusty around here!

Things have been quiet around here since February, it frustrates me to look at that. It's not that I haven't had idea for articles, it just life has piled up on lack of motivation.

A variety of reasons put me in a situation where I decided to jump into online college courses at the end of last year. The program I've decided to do requires I take some very basic level college classes. This is not a bad thing, especially for those students who've just completed seconday school (High School) and are entering college for the first time. These students have no real-world experience and are early in their lives.

I'm a fair journey away from those students, having worked in my career field for 24 years already, with the past 13 years as an executive for consulting firms. I'm also an autodidact who loves to read, lending to being very well-read across a wide span of material and subjects.

So.... one of the courses I just took was a Freshman level English Composition class. This is a basic university level writing class which I'm confident is supremely helpful to new students. It was completely frustrating to me, and really killed my motivation for casual writing on my blog and elsewhere. My professor acted determined to treat all students in the class as if they were at the same experience and skill level, and the level she chose was that of a recent high-school graduate. During the class my attempts to break out of this mold during discussions or in private correspondence was not effective. That ratcheted my frustration up to fairly high levels, which ended up being unleashed in my class assignments.

I ended up with high marks (A) in the class, which I'm happy with. At least it's now out of the way and I shouldn't need to take a similar class again. I was concerned about this course of study and if I would run into this type of instructor in my classes. Much of the coursework required for this program will be entirely review for me, and at a level that's below my current education and capability levels. I'm anxious about facing similarly frustrating instructors and classes moving forward and this class has only increased that anxiety.

Regardless, the blog is back and I have a series of articles about Guild Ball, Games, Book reviews, and all things DTP coming up. First full length hobby article back will be up Monday morning, talking about a recent Guild Ball tournament I attended.

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