Monday, June 16, 2008

I picked up one of the new Citadel Airbrushes during Games Day. It was a fairly cool event, as I was stood in line behind 2 gamers who were considering grabbing the airbrush. Come to find out, the 2 airbrushes on the table were the last 2 available at Gamesday (and this was 10:20 am). As soon as the gamers stepped away from the table without the airbrushes, I grabbed one and the gentleman behind me grabbed the other.

So I cracked it out last night and loaded up some grey. I let loose on some BfM crashes lander terrain and the results are very smooth. Overall I love the new airbrush, I can see how this will speed up painting overall. I am looking forward to using it with the new washes when they arrive.

The first picture is airbrushed Adeptus Battlegrey (foundation paint) over black primer.

Here I did Adeptus Battlegrey (foundation) over black primer. Then I went back and airbrushed some Chaos Black over the grey to create some burned areas of the wreckage.

A picture of the same technique above, on a larger piece.

Overall I have some work to do with the airbrush, but it does not coat paint on so thick that it obscures details. As this is my first time using an airbrush, I am sure my technique will improve.

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  1. I didn't know you got the airbrush! Coolness. I think it will be really great for terrain and vehicles! Maybe for smaller stuff too. Looking forward to seeing updates!