Sunday, January 17, 2010

Painting Points Update / Change

Ok, I am headed to bed after spending a full day painting. Good news, I think my model looks good. Bad news, its a Tyranid and not an Eldar. Now, have no fear faithful readers, I am not pulling my Tyranids out of the closet and sinking the DTP. I did, however, assemble and paint a Trygon today for the local GW Warpstone painting contest. This was done in concert with my "Anderson Paint Fest" which happened today. I will speak on that in another post.

I did realize that there is something lacking in the overall Painting Points system I have. A Trygon is twice the size (and overall work) of other monsters in the WHFB and WH40K systems. Its twice the size of my Carnifex and/or Hive Tyrants. With this in mind, I am adding it to the same category as Vehicles, adding a "Large Monster" category. I am also adding a Gargatuan Creature category to the Superheavy points.
  • Infantry = 1 point
  • Cavalry or bikes or DTP Exarch Bases (40mm bases)= 2 points
  • Monster or Dreadnought = 5 points
  • Vehicle or Large Monster = 10 points
  • Superheavy vehicle or Gargantuan Creature = 20 points
No pictures yet, but I will get some tomorrow after the judging.


  1. I've amended my system, slightly as well. Bloodcrushers aren't Monstrous Creatures or Dreadnoughts, but they're MUCH bigger than cavalry. So, I've added a Big Ass Cavalry category, worth 3.

    I've also decided that the thing that makes Bike/Cavalry count as 2 is that there are two models involved: the rider and the mount. So, although my Flesh Hounds are sorta cav, and on 40mm bases, I'm only counting them as infantry. I think your Exarchs easily count for 2.

  2. There are a number of things to cheek before starting to paint. Make sure you have: - sufficient paint - painting all the walls in a room can easily consume over five litres of emulsion paint and much more if the walls are absorbent.