Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to 2010

So a new year and a new decade is upon us. Many of my peers in the blog-o-sphere have posted their 2010 resolutions and plans for the new year. I am not a big resolution person, but I certainly have some plans this year. I have already made a couple changes to the blog such as adding in Disqus comments.

So what are my general plans for 2010?

My primary goal this year is to play more games. As you will read in an upcoming post, I just played in a tourney on Saturday January 2nd and had a great time. After looking over the scores it is clear that I have a lot of room to improve on my actual game play. More on that when I post my tourney review, but I will be tracking games played in a new section to the left.

On the hobby side, I am going to start tracking my painting/modeling by the "Lone Pilgrim Paint Score" system. Back in December 2008 the Lone Pilgrim posted the following formula for easy tracking of painting progress.
  • Infantry = 1 point
  • Cavalry or bikes or DTP Exarch Bases (40mm bases)= 2 points
  • Monster or Dreadnought = 5 points
  • Vehicle = 10 points
  • Superheavy vehicle = 20 points
I am adding in my Exarch/HQ models on the terminator bases to the 2 point category, as I do extra work modding and painting those. I will be using this system for 2010 to track my painting (you can see the box to the left). I have also gone back to calculate my paint points for 2009 so I can track progress against last year.

Looking Back at 2009
As you can see, I have accumulated a fair sized painted army which I have listed to the right. In my "Looking Back" post last year I reviewed my original list and made some changes to my target model goals before working on my titan. Lets look at the list and what was completed:
1 Avatar (Forgeworld)
1 Farseer with swords
3 Warlocks with swords

*Complete* 5 Firedragons plus 1 Exarch
4 Harliquins with Kisses plus 1 Shadow Seer plus 1 Troupe Master
*Complete* 3 Howling Banshees plus 1 Exarch with mirror swords

*Complete* 6 Guardian Jetbikes (2 shurican cannon bikes)
*Complete* 5 Pathfinders

*Complete* 4 Dark Reapers
1 Dark Reaper Exarch with Tempest Launcher plus 1 Dark Reaper Exarch with Shurican Cannon
1 Wraithlord with Magnetized Weapons
*Complete* 3 War Walkers with Magnetized Weapons

*Complete* 1 Wave Serpent Grav Transports with Magnetized Weapons

As you can see, I have knocked out a fair amount of my planned models, while leaving other key models still not started in some cases. I will admit to feeling a bit intimidated by both my Avatar project and the Harlequins. I have the Dark Reaper exarchs along with the Wraithlord on the able currently, and they should soon be done.

Whats to come in 2010?
So lets wrap up the post with some of my plans for 2010. I am planning a "Paint Fest" for this month with a couple friends coming by to for a painting day. My goal is to get a fair amount of terrain knocked out on that day.

On January 23 I plan to head down to Fredericksburg VA for a Rapid Fire tournament. This is a tourney based around 500 point games where the objective is to play fast and accumulate as many games and wins as possible during the day.

March 25 - 29 I will be headed out to Chicago for Adepticon. I plan to take part in both the Combat Patrol tourney on Friday and the 40K Championship on Sunday. I am also going to try my hand at the Poker Tourney Sunday evening. As for Friday night and Saturday, I will be tracking down the Dice Like Thunder crew and aim to crash in on their podcast again. Past that, my only plans are breakfast at Lou Mitchell's for breakfast on Saturday or Monday and getting as many games in as possible.

August 21 I plan to attend Games Day again this year. Even taking into account my disappointment last year, there have been changes made and I am interested to see what those changes bring to Games Day. In addition, I will be playing host to some of the DLT crew as they make thier way out to the East Coast for Games Day.

As always, I will be traveling around the country for work and plan to bring my army along with me. My targets will be some solid 1500 or 1850 point games. I tend to travel to the following areas through the year, so if you are close and want to game, get in touch!
  • Atlanta, GA (often)
  • Dallas, TX (often)
  • San Jose, CA (often)
  • Manchester, NH (during the summer)
  • Raleigh / Durham, NC (occasionally)
  • Seattle, WA (occasionally)
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