Monday, December 28, 2009

10 Reapers a' Reaping?!?!!

Which day of Christmas was it that Santa gave 10 Dark Reapers a' Reaping? I do not think that was in the song, but they have certainly joined the Dead Tau Project! So today was very productive with my starting and completing the 10 Dark Reapers. I also got a base coat of green on the Wraith Lord. I will be switching back and forth between the Wraithlord and the Dark Reaper Exarchs over the next couple days.

Lets take a closer look:

I used the Cool Tone Black Armor painting guide in White Dwarf 360. I added in a purple wash to tie the models together (armor to guns). Overall I think it came out good, but the real test will be comments from my opponents and normal gaming partners. I will be particularly interested to here the comparison between the pictures here and how they look on the table.

On my last post I received a question about my bases from Old Shatter Hands from the Tau of War blog (a great blog I follow). The question was
"The only quesiton I have is why you left the bases unpainted. do you intend to paint the flock or not? "
I started the army basing using the Tau bits, then painting the actual black bases with Dheneb Stone. Over this I covered the bases with Sand, as the goal was to represent the DTP fighting on a desert world. Recently I have begun to regret my decision to leave the sand unpainted and only seal it with purity seal. Unfortunately, I am so far into the project I have been hesitant about the amount of work required to re-prime and paint all the sand bases. At some point I may change my mind, but for now I am sticking the the theme as it keeps the army consistent.

So I will be headed out to the Iron Fist League 4th quarter tournament in Woodbridge this Saturday. It was pushed out due to snow, but it looks like everything is a go for the rescheduled date. It will be a 3 game 2000 point tournament, with the field looking very heavily filled with Marines. I will do my best to remember how the games go, and will post some type of recap regardless of how shoddy my memory is.
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