Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seer Council for The DTP???

*image thanks to Republic90 on Deviant Art

I have been thinking for a while about the Seer Council on Bikes (referred to as a Seer Council from here on out). Fritz from "The way of the Saim-hann" has written several nice tactica for them here on BoLS and here on his blog. Many players swear that the Seer Council is critical to winning tourney games with an eldar army.

I have not played with a Seer Council previously, for a number of reasons. Recently I tried them out for 1 game and did horribly with them, especially considering the build I used was ~500 points of my 1500 point army.

So, why have I not used them if they are so popular lately? Let me go through a couple reasons.
  • First, in order to make a seer council, you must modify up models to make them fit. There is no stock model for a warlock or farseer on bike. In addition, I really like the current GW models for Farseer's and Warlocks with the robes, rune armor, and helmets.
  • Second, I have felt that the Seer Council, on bikes especially, was not a good fit for the Biel Tan craftworld which I play. A big honking seer-council on foot is great for Ulthwe, and a big squad of bike mounted Seers is great for Saim-hann. Biel Tan really had their own militant slant on things which always relegated the seers to the backfield and support rolls.
  • Third, I just was not convinced I wanted to put a massive pointed unit like the council into my army.
Well, here I am changing some of my thinking and considering further if I should build a seer council. I decided to go ahead, as I also had an idea for how to make them look cool, different, and fit with my fluff (both the DTP and the Craftworld Fluff). After looking at my test models, I am going to build 4 more Warlocks along the same lines and have a Seer Council composed of 5 Warlocks and 1 Farseer. This will still come in around 500 - 600 points, but I will have the option to use them. In addition, I can always use the warlocks for my bike squads, as the bases will fit.

For this mod, I am sticking to Jetbike bases, as this will be important for overall play. I wanted something that was dynamic and showed the DTP warlocks in the midst of battle, as I think anyone on the Biel Tan craftworld would be expected to fight. Here is the Farseer and warlock I built for my test models.

Farseer (Bike Seer Council)

Warlock (Bike Seer Council)

The picture actually helped me pick out some of the green-stuff bubbles still drying and I was able to smooth those out after taking the pictures. I plan to paint the wings on all these models a blue/blue-white to represent psychic-generated wings.

Overall, I think they look good enough to move forward with the other 4 warlocks. I welcome comments and thoughts.

Lastly for today (2 posts today, nice.....) I noticed on updating my completed list on the right that I have cleared the 3000 point mark with my painted army. I feel this is some kind of milestone, although I am not sure what. I am excited to see how much more I get done before I stop in January to do my 2 year wrap-up and status check.

Thats all for now.


  1. Nice test models bill, I think they will look good. Are you sure 5 Warlocks will be enough, I am thinking about running 7 or 8 in my Exodites, 2 Enhance, 1 Embolden, and the rest Destructor.

    Also congrats on making it up to 3K or painted models, have yourself as celebratory milkshake or something. If you want to get any gaming in this month just let me know, or you want to get together some night to do some painting. I have made an oath to paint at least a little something every day in the month of Dec. so will always be looking for an excuse to hang and do more with people.


  2. Nice! I love the models where did you get the wings?

  3. The wings are Pegasus wings from the fantasy line.