Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reinforcing the Dead Tau Project

First let me wish everyone in the blog-o-sphere a very Merry Christmas! I hope your holiday was as relaxing and enjoyable as mine was. While I did not receive any GW for Christmas, I had a wonderful day with my family and enjoyed watching my children open their gifts.

Today I turned my mind back to the Dead Tau Project and chose to get some painting done. I have put a serious dent in the models on my painting tray and grabbed some pictures to show off to all the readers out there. Lets start with the bad boy that leads off this blog post, my new Striking Scorpion Exarch with biting blade. He is modelled up splashed with the blood of the Kroot he just hacked apart.

Next we move on the the 5 additional Scorpions in his squad. I have painted them all splashed in blood as well, as I feel it fits their bases along with the close-combat orientation of the unit. This is similar to how I painted my Banshees. For the Scorpions I have used a variety of Kroot bits, thus my earlier comment about how bad the Kroot are for DTP bases.

We move on the the additions to the wayward DTP rangers. I will typically field these gents as pathfinders, so that's the pricing I am using to the right for them. I know Fritz has some opinions regarding their use as objective holders, which is well worth the read. I do not use the rangers often, so will need to play with them more to really gauge how they work best for me. First we take a look at all 12 of the rangers together.

Then we take a closer look at the reinforcements.

And then we come to a new HQ joining the crusade, another Autarch. I was inspired a couple weeks back to assemble this Autarch and put him together. As those who follow realize, he has sat on my paint tray for a while and I am happy to complete him and get him into the case! This Autarch has the typical weapon load-out of Fusion gun, power weapon, and Mandiblasters. He does not have any additional kit, keeping him cheap and fit to join any foot-slogging unit on the ground or in their wave-serpents.

I am closing out this post with a quick peak at my painting tray to see whats left. the DTP heavy slots have a strong expansion coming in the next couple days with 10 Dark Reapers plus Exarchs along with a Wraithlord! You can also catch sight of the white primed Winged Exarch in the back next to the long suffering Eldrad.


  1. Dude, that's alot of blood from those scorpions! just love them! Scorpions and Rangers are my favourite!

    Of course, I can't say the same when I'm playing tau and having a CC expert like scorpions charging at my fire warriors!

    Well done and hope to see more!

  2. Great work. The creativity is there and the paint-jobs are well done. The only quesiton I have is why you left the bases unpainted. do you intend to paint the flock or not? I would highly suggest doing so.