Thursday, June 10, 2010

Warlocks, Asurmen, Malifaux

Those of you who closely follow my blog may have noticed the updates on the left. My painting tray has shrunk while my assembly queue has grown. In addition, I have added a new abbreviation over there, more on that later.

Its been a couple weeks since my last post, with lots of things happening lately. Unfortunately, only some of it has been hobby related. Its amazing how life can kick you in the balls sometimes, and it takes a bit to roll with the kicks. That aside, hobby work is getting back on track and I did complete a couple additional models.

First we have a new Phoenix Lord joining the group. Phoenix Lord Asurmen, The Hand of Asuryan has been painted up and added to the case.
Asurmen, first of the Dire Avengers, founded more shrines on more craftworlds than any other Phoenix Lord. Soon after their inception he vanished, but tales of his deeds persisted. He was reported fighting against the Great Enemy from the Eye of Terror to the galaxy's rim, and word of his valour spread.

In addition to working on Asurmen, I also completed a couple Warlocks and a Bonesinger.

So that is the work completed toward the Dead Tau Project. You will also notice a new abbreviation on my assembly tray [Mal]. Those who have listened to the Gamers Lounge podcast know that I have just recently played two introduction games for Malifaux by Wyrd Games. Based on that introduction, I have been hooked and decided to pick up a couple crews along with the rule book. During my introduction I played two crews from two different factions. I played the Ortega crew from the Guild Faction, along with the McMourning crew from the resurectionists. I will be playing Malifaux as my secondary (tertiary) game as a alternative to my GW fix.

As it came to picking up a crew of my own, I decided to go with Lady Justice from the Guild faction:

As a nice surprise, my wife took a look at some of the models and found a faction she liked as well. I will be painting up the crew she liked and teaching her the game. Hopefully she takes a liking.

Thats it for now. Keep an eye on the blog for new stuff through the summer.


  1. Malifaux is an interesting game, I like the premise.

    I *do* wish it was more functional to simply have your "one" crew and be done with it. They intentionally designed it for "crew tailoring" pre-game, where you are meant to own all the members of a faction. Interesting stuff.

  2. Don't know if you listen to the d6 Generation, but they play Malifaux. One of the hosts had an issue in that he was trying to run Pandora and couldn't get the WP Duel through his head until one of the others explained it was the exact same duel mechanic as combat just with different stats. Don't know if your wife will have that problem, but just in case.

    Also, the staff at Wyrd Games like seeing paint jobs of their product (and are running a contest right now), so if you haven't gone to the forum on you should. It is under the Communtiy link. They also put up previews of the upcoming stuff there sometimes.

  3. Bill, I'm glad you bought a crew! I have three now, none painted, and looking forward to a game with you!