Monday, November 8, 2010

40K, Malifaux, and Hobby in general

Its been three months. I was doing a quick update tonight on my painting status, adding in the points for the Malifaux Lilith model I just completed and I realized it. Its been 3 months since I painted any Eldar or 40K models. Now, thats not entirely true. I worked on my Eldar Forgeworld Phoenix a little ways back/ Its still not done, although I did take a couple pictures of the progress tonight. I switched over to some P3 paints and one of the whites is now being used on the white panels of the Phoenix.

Now I realize I have spoken about burnout in the hobby. I spent a great deal of time discussing it on Gamers Lounge Ep. 16. I have also spent a great deal of time playing and doing things related to Malifaux. I am now a Wyrd henchman, which means I get cool little sneak peaks, access to the back-end Henchman community, and get incentives to run tournaments and events for Malifaux. Thats been very cool, its been a very long time since I took part in a program such as that. On top of that I have been just ENJOYING Malifaux more than 40K. It comes together for me in a weird way that 40K just doesn't. I also find that I am preferring the skirmish size games more than I did 40K games in general.

The Dead Tau project is not dead however, have no fear. It felt nice to pull out my Phoenix last night and touch it up some. It was nice to take pictures, which I hope come out. I also have a Thanksgiving event coming up that I am kind of looking forward to. Its a Tanksgiving event at the local hobby shop (Huzzah Hobbies if your in the area) and I have committed to bringing out my Titan and my Phoenix for the event. I am fairly certain my Titan will not be "completed" within the next 3 weeks, but I will have it at a place where I am comfortable putting it on the table. I plan to take my airbrush to it this week or weekend and get things started. As for my Phoenix, I expect it will only be a bit more work to get that complete. The trouble will be creating a nice flying base for it after I complete the plane.

Overall, I will have some new pictures up in the next couple days. I am also starting to look at a 1500 point, travel friendly, Eldar list to pack up and take out to California in a couple weeks. I am headed out there for work and will be meeting up (if things go well) with the Independent Characters (Geoff and Carl) along with Big Jim! I am looking forward to getting a couple games in!


  1. I am a fan of the malifaux models and the game really sounds cool, but as with other game systems in my area, it's tough to find other people who play it (as GW dominates the area.)

    I don't know if you're interested in expanding into Dark Eldar to continue your Dead Tau Project, but you should check out the fluff in the new codex. There's a pretty lengthy story about Urien Rakarth (Super Haemonculus) going into this huge scheme, initially helping out the Tau against Nids...only to then raid a bunch of Tau worlds and take the Tau back to Commoraugh and do to the Tau what Dark Eldar do to everyone.

  2. Actually, you guys have a fairly healthy Malifaux community in the Chicago area, I have been chatting with the Henchman out there. Nilus (Dan) is the local henchman and they are in the Lombard area, which should be down the road from the bunker. Quick link to their group:

    As for the Dark Eldar, I love the army and their look. I have the Codex and have given it a read through and I am very happy with the new fluff as well! I plan to buy and build a Dark Eldar army, but will probably be waiting until the start of the year before I dive in. I am fairly torn on painting up my next Malifaux crew vs jumping back in and finishing up the DTP. My Phoenix and Titan are coming along, which shortens the list of whats "left". I think my biggest challenge for the Dark Eldar is the competition between my WHFB High Elves (~4000 points disassembled), completing the DTP, and 2-3 new crews of Malifaux models.

    My holiday hobby time will be interesting this year.