Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pictures Pictures Pictures

I recently picked up a light tent from Amazon to use when taking pictures. Its the one on the side here, and I have to say that it is great. The very simple addition of the diffuse lighting and the backdrop has improved my pictures overall. Well, to be fair I am also using a new camera (my wifes point and shoot vs our SLR), but I have used that before and these pictures are better.

So, toward that end I have snapped some new pictures in the light tent. Some of these are the new models I have painted up which have not been seen widely. Others are new pictures to replace the old ones I took previously. At the end of the post I will also have a peek at one of my new models thats in progress (mostly complete).

So here we go. First we have the Masters collection. We will start with Lilith, who is newly painted. She is part of one of the Demo crews I am painting up, as well as the goal for my October Malifools Painting challenge.

Following her we have my favorite, Lady Justice with her totems. My picture of Lady J did not come out as nice as I liked (a little blurring from an unstable camera) so I will be retaking her picture with a tripod.

Next we come to Rasputina and Lilith. Lilith is from my wifes crew, although I am starting to consider playing her as I also have a Dreamer/LCB crew to paint up. This would give me a nice Neverborn faction (Dreamer/LCB, Pandora, Lilith) to play for tournaments.

Then we have a group shot of the Ortega Family. This is the Ortega box set, which is my other "Demo Crew" that's painted up. This was my painting challenge for the September Malifools painting challenge, which I did not complete on time. The crew does make a nice addition to my Guild set, which is the primary faction I plan to use for tournaments. My goal is that post-January I will have Perdita, Lady J, and Lucius as my masters, with a full contingent of Guild to back them up. Here are the Ortega's.

Overall I am very happy with the light tent. The simple change to diffuse lighting and the backdrop makes a big difference to the pictures, as I mentioned in the opening. With that in mind, and after the 3 month break I mentioned previously, I have my first pictures of a 40K model in a while. These are still work in progress, but the Phoenix is mostly complete. My plans are to do one more layer of white on the panels, clean up the green edging, highlight up the gems, and put transfers on the model. Its really only an afternoon of painting to be complete. Here are some peeks at the WIP.

Thats all for now. I have a Mature Nephalim to paint up, then its on to completion for the Phoenix and starting my Titan.

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  1. That Light Tent makes a huge difference. I'm going to have to find one over here for the right price so I get get some better photos.

    I never managed to get the writing on the book for the Governer's Proxy so what did you use to get such a fine text/lines?

    Also Pandora and Lilith both look really cool... I've been liking the idea of the Avatar form of Pandora but I haven't picked up her box yet. I'm thinking I'll be going for Levi next or some Freicorps.

    As for the Pheonix it really does look good. The Green and White does alot for the model... Better than my old black and grey back in the 90's when 2nd/3rd edition was out heh.