Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adepticon Malifaux 35ss Scrap - Round 1

Round 1 of the Adepticon 35ss Scrap started with me facing a great opponent playing Rasputina. I am horrible with names, and as such I cannot remember my opponents name, probably because I am getting old.

My first round was Shared Slaughter. Our lists and schemes were as follows:
Me: Dreamer/LCB, Lelu, Lilitu, 2x Stitched Together, Coppelius, Day Dream, 5 stones.
His: Rasputina, Wendigo, 2x Hoarcat Pride, Ice Golem, 2x Gamin, December Acolyte.
My Schemes: Kill Protege (Golem) - Announced, Assassinate (Tina) - Announced
His Schemes: Grudge (Coppelius), Kill Protege (Coppelius)

Ok, so first off notice he did not announce his schemes. No worries here, as he was a great guy and told me up front that he had only played 5 or so games prior to the tournament. So, we start out the game, I deploy everything on the board in the middle of the right side of my deployment zone except Copperlius who I keep buried. He deploys everything on the line across from me and drops the December Acolyte in my deployment zone, behind a building and out of sight.

Turn 1

The game starts with him getting initiative. He begins moving up and I begin the dreamer shenanigans by activating the Stitched and putting them in defensive stance. He cycles through a bit of his turn, and I finally come to Dreamer. Dreamer and the Day Dream activate on Companion, Dreamer makes all the nightmares terrifying, then "I can Fly" over toward the December Acolyte, popped out Chompy and Coppelius, and Chompy proceeds to eat the Acolyte. Day Dream activates from the Companion, shifts slightly to the side, calms nightmare to put Chompy back to sleep, then magical extensions to bury all the nightmares on the board, leaving Dreamer and a Day Dream out.

Turn 2

Turn 2 kicks off with my activation. Dreamer scoots up the board and drops the Coppelius, Lelu, and Chompy into combat with the Ice Golem, dropping a Stitched out next to Dreamer, and Lilitu on the other side of Dreamer. Chompy activates and uses Melee Expert and 1 attack to put some damage on the Golem. Golem activates and drops some damage on Coppelius. Coppelius activates and paralyzes the Golem, returning to attack and grab an eye counter. With that done, Coppelius hits a nearby Gamin, paralyzing it as well. I eat the eye and flip 2 healing flips for a total of 3 wounds healed. He activates a Hoarcat and walks in toward Coppelius to try and make an attack. He ends up in both Lelu and Coppy's terrifying range, fails his flip, takes damage from Coppelius for fleeing. Lelu activates and goes wild on the Golem, killing it. I check off my Kill Protege and start to look at how to line up on Rasputina. He activates Rasputina and brings her up the board slightly, then starts blasting into Coppelius. After a number of biting chills and two big Decembers Curses, Coppelius and Lelu both drop, giving him 14 points. At this point he announced he has accomplished both his schemes by killing Coppelius. I advise him this is not possible, as he cannot declare two schemes targeting one model. He looks shocked, a judge is walking by, and we ask the judge for how to rule this. The judge rules that you can target two schemes at the same model, so I make a note to chat with the judge after the tournament. I am grumpy, but we can still push though. There was a little more moving around, but nothing too intense at this point.

Turn 3

So I head into turn 3 with my eye on the prize. I draw my hand and am fairly confident I can end the game right here. Score going into the round is:
  • Him: 2 scheme points, killed 16ss so far
  • Me: 2 scheme points, killed 14ss so far
I gear up and start the turn, winning initiative. Dreamer and Day Dream activate, Day Dream  picks up everything (magical extension) and moves 6 inches up the board toward Rasputina. Dreamer flys up the board and casts frightening dreams, cheating to get "All My Friends". Chompy comes out 3 inches out from Rasputina, 2 Stitched come out within 3 inches of Rasputina, and Lilitu comes out next to Dreamer. Chompy activates and launches his attacks on Rasputina. Through a series of onslaughts, Chompy drains his hand to 1 card remaining and all his stones to keep Raspy alive with 2 wounds remaining. Chompy uses his 0 to summon a Day Dream, the new Day Dream activates and pulls Chompy back next to a Stitched and puts Chompy to sleep, returning Dreamer to the table.

My opponent is a bit rocked at this point. At some point during the onslaught the judge had called 10 minutes remaining so we were looking to finish our turn. Raspy activates and tries to walk away. She walks once and shoots a bite of winder and a blast toward a stitched together, dropping him to 1 wound but I cheat to stop the overpower. I activate the hurt Stitched and Gambler with Rasputina to get rid of the card. At this point I smile as I have a 13 in hand, and he has no hand, and I have already flipped the black joker during Chompy's attacks. I have 2 actions left, declare "I Gamble Raspy's life" and put my hand on top of the deck and time is called. With my hand on top of the deck I shockingly look at the judge and ask if I can complete the flip and duel. Ruling is no, game ends immediately, add up points as things stand.

Final score is 2 points for me, 3 points for him. I smile and congratulate him on the game and keep reminding myself (in my head) that I need to be a good sportsman and not get grumpy. Granted, I would not have maxed my score but the Stitched killing Raspy would have put me at 4 scheme points plus 3 strategy points (24ss killed vs 16ss, he has no leaders left), for a total of 7 after my first game. No worries, on to my second game (posted tomorrow).


  1. I can understand how you would have been grumpy from him having 2 Schemes on one figure but he wouldn't have succeeded with Grudge as that needs to kill the target in Melee and Biting Winds and Decembers Curse are both ranged.

    The Chumpy bomb seems really nasty though...

    And you should have been able to finish your action as it could change the game... I would think you would finish that activation and game would be over.

  2. LOL, thats a good point. I am not sure why I have trouble remembering that Grudge is melee. At least I make the same mistakes for my opponent as I do for myself.

    That said, I was not too fussed about letting him take 2 points (he did not announce his strategies) as much as I was about not completing the game. My wife made an interesting comment addressing my frustration:
    "You played the tournament with your heart. You played nice with the first player who was new, you played to give the kid some fun, and you played competitively to kick your final opponents ass."

    True, and I did max my sportsmanship so I should not be too upset.

  3. I get myself with Grudge as well and I've done it enough now that I remember...

    I did the same thing that same weekend with a Tourny I was at where my first game was with a new player where I spent most of it teaching him how to play as well as educating him on using his crew (we were both Lady J)

    But his not announcing the schemes means he might as well have only taken the one scheme.