Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adepticon Malifaux 35ss Scrap - Round 2

Round 2 found me at mid-field with my 2 point loss coming out of round 1. I was surprised that I was only mid-field, as that meant there were a fair amount of 0's and 1's scored on the first round. Regardless, I knew I had to push hard for a max score on this round if I wanted to get back to the top tables. Round 2 was shared Destroy the Evidence, which is one of my favorite strategies with the Dreamer, so I once again dug into my Dreamer bag of Tricks. My opponent this round was a young gentleman (10 years old) who had played in the Cake tournament Friday night against some of my local club. He was playing Perdita and an Ortega crew. To be honest, my biggest worry at this point was that maxing my score was going to make me a bad guy for beating up a kid. The day was just not going my way.

To make things worse, Shared Destroy the Evidence is an ideal strategy for the Dreamer Alp Bomb, as alps give the dreamer number and are significant, allowing them to destroy the evidence markers. Our lists and schemes were as follows:
Me: Dreamer/LCB, Coppelius, 2x Stitched, 2xDay Dream, 4x Alps, 5 stones.
His:Perdita, Abuela, Nino, Francisco, Santiago, Papa, 5 stones.
My Schemes:Breakthrough (Announced), Kidnap (Papa, Abuela, Santiago)
His Schemes: I do not remember his schemes

Turn 1

We get underway with me deploying at the center of the board, putting all my nightmares out and keeping Coppelius buried. He puts the Ortega's out in a line across the middle of the board and I can see this is going to be a face-off at the Adepticon Corral! I take the initiative and start out with some typical shenanigans. Defensive Stance and the Alp Neg Willpower bubble starts popping up, and the stitched go defensive stance. On his side, Papa runs up toward the middle of the table, with some support from Santiago and Francisco. Mid-way through my turn the dreamer activates (2 alps plus the stitched in Def Stance, 2 alps not), pop the terrifying bubble, buries everyone, and flys 7 inches up the board. Companioned Day Dream heads forward 6 inches and unburies one of the non-activated Alps out onto the neutral evidence marker. Second Day Dream pops up the board and unburies Coppelius next to Papa. Over the end of the turn, the Ortega's shift around a bit, alp destroys the neutral evidence, and Coppelius paralyzes Papa.

Turn 2 & 3

Turn 2 and 3 were a flurry of activity. Essentially, I win initiative again on turn 2 and activate dreamer to shift around a bit and bring all the nightmares out. 2 alps cover two of my mid-field objective markers, Chompy pops out and eats Sanitago before triggering "Alll Done", Coppelius eats Papa, triggering boom and killing 1 alp, and the Alps pop out and slow/damage Abuela and Francisco. Over the turn Perdita and Coppelius are shot at by Perdita and Francisco, Abuela and Nino fall to terrifying and begin to run away, and things are looking grim for the Ortega's. Come the end of Turn 3, I have destroyed all my evidence markers and Chompy has killed Abuela and is threatening Perdita. Of the Ortega clan, 3 turns has sown their downfall, with only Perdita left alive. Of the nightmares, 1 Stitched and 2 Alps have fallen. Coppelius grabbed 2 eyeballs however, successfully summoning 2 additional Alps to keep me at 4.

Turn 4-6

My opponent wins initiative on turn 4 and starts running away from the nightmares toward the end of the board. I let him scoot away and after a double move he takes a shot at the big guy. I look over the board and want to give my opponent a good game, so take a moment to think through how to do that. I bury Chompy, bury the nightmares on the table (leaving 2 day dreams and a stitched on the board), and then dreamer scoots to the far corner of my opponents deployment zone. One daydream pops out a stitched next to Dreamer and then moves toward Pedita. The other dream and Stitched move forward as well, giving her some targets to shoot at. Turns 5 and 6 consisted of Perdita, 2 Day dreams, and Stitched sparring around the middle of the board, with Perdita successfully killing all 3 nightmares.

End of the Game

Come the end of the game, I had claimed a full 8 points (2 for Breakthrough, 2 for Grudge, and 4 for Destroy Evidence) and my opponent had 0. Despite the score, he appeared to have enjoyed the game and I was happy. Preparation for round 3 began in my head, as I was headed back toward the top tables with 10 points vp across the 2 rounds. Battle Report for round 3 will be posted tomorrow.


  1. What was the result of your conversation with the judge from round 1?

  2. I did not end up speaking with the judge until after the tournament. Dan (The TO) actually makes some comments about it on his "after action" report on the Wyrd boards.

    Nothing was changed in round 1, which I am ok with. The judges made a ruling on time in the tournament, so I just worked within the ruling they made.