Monday, April 16, 2012

Adepticon Bound 2012

The time is quickly catching up to the point when I will be loading up the rental and jumping onto the long drive to Chicago for this years Adepticon. Wednesday morning eChris and I will be packed up and on the road to a full weekend of gaming! I have to admit, there is still an awful lot to do.

I had originally offered to bring 10 tables with me to Adepticon to support the Malifaux tournament. Due to some last minute issues, I am down to only 8 making it out. I am hoping to squeeze in a 9th table, but it is not looking like it will happen. On the bright side, the M&SU bar will be making an appearance, with some bar tables painted up as well. Playing on an indoor board will be a different scenario for most players (I believe) and should be very fun!

For those who have been keeping a close eye on the painting total to the left, you will notice I have been adding a couple points here and there through April. I painted up my Miss Demeanor and repainted a Student of Conflict for my crews. I also finally based my Jack Daw and both Hanged onto actual bases, which only took a year since last Adepticon to get done. I did not get a chance to snap any pictures (good or bad) so will need to post some shots after the con.

Podcasting has also taken a hit in the past couple weeks. Between work, family, and preparing for the trip I have missed releasing the last episode. Listeners of Gamers Lounge will be treated to a fair amount of content post Adepticon if everything goes as planned.

So, that brings us to whats planned for Adepticon this year? This is my third year attending the con and the first year I am only taking part in 1 type of gaming event, and then the after con-mixer as usual. That right, this year consists entirely of Malifaux for my "Official" events. I will be acting as judge for the Cake tournament on Thursday evening, and then returning as the primary judge for Friday evening's Malifaux Masters Qualifier #1.

Friday morning, eChris and I will be showing up (in matching t-shirts) for the Malifaux Team tournament with out Neverborn crews. eChris is in the team tournament as his competitive tournament this year, while I am aiming to support him and have some fun. Our first round will be a challenge match vs Cheated Fates Radio. I am certainly looking forward to it. I even tossed out a teaser that if the CFR guys can beat us, I will toss in a Hooded Rider puppet as an extra prize to them! I expect he will be coming home with me.

That brings us to Saturday Morning where I will be jumping into playing in the Masters Qualifier #2 while Nilus takes over as head judge. I am bringing Guild with me this year, a switch up from the All Neverborn I brought to tournaments last year.  I will admit that I am a little nervous about how my games will go this year. I have only gotten in one tournament so far, and while I went 2/1 with my only loss being to Hamelin, I am still not overly confident that the guild will perform well. I do not believe that Hoffman has what it takes to deliver a win in a tournament, and I do not really click with Perdita. That leaves me Sonnia Criid, Justice, both their avatars, and Lucius to play around with. I am comfortable with each of these, but just not as confident as I am with Dreamer,  Pandora, and Colette. The playstyle is not a good fit with how I tend to play Malifaux. Add to that my recent string of losses and bad luck and I am looking at a tournament where I do not feel very confident. Then again, I have had some very good performances with my guild models, and it will certainly help cement Guild as a playable and tournament worthy faction if I can do well.

If I do well on Saturday I will find myself up on Sunday and in the 8 person Adepticon Master of Malifaux competition. I aim to be in the top 8, and even if I am not I will be judging the tournament. Following that, its the now traditional end of Adepticon Mixer and Poker tournament. I have enjoyed this two years in a row and expect this year to be no different. Its a great way to end the overall trip before crashing Sunday night and driving home on Monday.

So, when do I plan to hang out, get in some Gamers Lounge recording, and get in some pick-up games? Pretty much all weekend! I will be bringing along a very small selection (35 points) of Hordes for some small games. I also have my entire Malifaux selection with me. I expect it will be hard to pry myself out of more Malifaux games, as it is my primary game currently, but there is a small chance. I will also be bringing along my puppet wars set, as its a very fun game to play while drinking. Aside from that, I am planning to run down to Lou Mitchel's on Thursday morning for some breakfast. I have mentioned in the past, and will point it out again. This is my favorite breakfast place in Chicago, and one of the places I like to stop while in town. If any readers are in the area and interested in meeting up, Thursday @ 10am on West Jackson Blvd is the place to be!


  1. May you perform better at Adepticon than your prep games showed.  :)

    Seriousness, good luck out there.  Win something for the NoVA crew!

    1. Your telling me.... I would like to believe that the prep games were just softening up the competition, but none of you guys are going to Adepticon.