Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Painting

So I grabbed a little time over the Easter holiday to do some quick painting on a couple models camping out on my paint tray. I also did a bunch of priming to refill said paint tray for the next round of models. Needless to say, it was nice to slow down a bit from my recently hectic schedule and get a couple models completed.

In addition to that, Easter is here and Wyrd has released a couple new easter models. These are Gremlins, which is a crew I do not yet have painted, but still a lot of fun. My wife say the little guy to the left and fell in love with the model, so I picked up a second one and made sure to add it to the rotation yesterday. Now my wife is the proud owner of a little Gremlin Egg Hauler. Here is the picture.

I will probably go with the same for when I get my own painted up with the rest of the Gremlin crew, sans the basing. He was a fun guy to paint up and with a quick red wash then highlights of pink he came out pretty good.

I also knocked out Angelica for my show girl crew. She was a bit tougher to work through, and I had clipped her cane a bit too short when I was cleaning up her model. I am not unhappy with how she turned out, as the shorter cane worked with the base, making her look like she is at the edge of the stage. I am not overly happy with the stool, but she is pretty much done so I am unlikely to go back and change anything.

Lastly I knocked out the fat boy who has been sitting on my tray for a fair while now. The Executioner model is not one of my favorite models in the Malifaux range. To be honest, I really do not like it overall. Looking at him, I should like him with the big claws and the humor built into the model (his human hands are hanging from his belt). The model is great, it just does not work well for me. I will say that once I got him painted up I was happier with the model, but still not at the top of my list. Regardless, he is now painted and jumping into my bag.

All of these will make another appearance with better lighting and photography when I do my next batch of light-tent pictures for the reference links.
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