Monday, May 21, 2012

Win a Dead Justice box set - pro-painted?

So, I have not been using Facebook lately. At all. I found that about 6 months ago I just grew tired of all the changes and what-nots with Facebook so stopped logging in. My wife checks it regularly (semi-regularly) for me, but thats about all it amounts to.

Well, that and I still get the odd email for direct messages or to alert me about updates to pages I subscribed to (or liked....). One of those pages are my friends at the Eternal Warriors podcast. These are a great group of guys who release on a fairly regular weekly/bi-weekly schedule. The podcast is a lot of fun to listen to, and thankfully they have begun to migrate from GW games to better games like Malifaux.

With that said, recently there was a post to thier Facebook page that caught my attention. Here is the post:

Hey kids!

I want to hear your gamer stories. Happy or sad, tragic or hilarious, send them our way. You can post them on the forum, throw them on the facebooks, or email them to . Though I have to say I'd prefer the forum or the email, just because they'll be easier to keep track of. Why should you go through the trouble?

Because it can win you a full Dead Justice box set painted by Chris West of 2 Ton Studios! These models were lovingly and painstakingly painted, then placed on Secret Weapon's new "corpse field" bases for that added boost. If you are interested in starting malifaux or just want a new crew, this is your chance to get one for free!

I'll have some pictures in the next day or so, otherwise you can check Chris's blog at to see some of the pictures he took. They seriously don't do the models justice. Dead Justice.

Well, good luck!
So, there is a contest for a pro-painted Dead Justice box set. That's the set that is featured in the picture at the start of this post.  So for all you cool kids who are on Facebook, post them up, heres the link to the Eternal Warriors facebook site. For those who are not cool facebook kids (like me), email the Baron at the address he provides.

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