Thursday, August 22, 2013

Passing Interest and Amusement

Sometimes you just have to sit back with a bucket of popcorn and watch the show.......


  1. Anything in paticular?

  2. If i would make a guess its the three locked threads with complaints in the wyrd boards (there might be more but my search fu is weak)

    im not much of a popcorn man myself but internet drama can be pretty tasty in itself

  3. Heck, a mod locked a thread because it was necroed. "Start a new thread, please."

  4. All of the locked threads appear to be locked for appropriate reasons. I fail to see the drama.

    1. Agreed. Just looks like the mods are doing their job the same as on any other forum.

    2. I disagree. The one thread talking about the layout seemed to get shutdown really quick for not much reason.

      Wyrd forums have never been heavy handed in there moderation and sadly that has changed. Today someone posted a question about licensing and a mod immediately posted to keep the thread civil before anyone even started to complain.

      I also question there choice in mods.

  5. So either the forum just spontaneously wigged out on me or I just bit the ban hammer for asking how a tourney organizer was going to organize a tourney I'm planning on attending.

    Somebody pass the popcorn...

  6. It appears to me that the layout post got shut down because people were starting to be jerks to each other. Which is exactly why Wyrd has become more heavy handed in their moderation.

    I saw the licensing that you are referring to. If you have been on the forums over the last 3 months then you've surely noticed that any post discussing the future of M1.5 quickly escalates to people being rude to each other. The Mod didn't ban anyone or even shut the topic down. He did remind people of to be civil, which to me, is a sign of a good mod reminding people to be civil on a heated topic.
    I think the heavy handedness on the forums is a shame, but I also think it had become a hostile place overall and that's much worse than more moderation, to an extent that is.

  7. While I think that the initial post reminding people to be civil was a bit heavy handed, given recent events and the fact that the last 2 threads about that exact issue(M1E Licensing)degenerating to the point that Nix was compared to a child molester were almost certainly the most direct cause of them being moderators, it was almost certainly understandable.

    I just wish that a bit more of it (and the responses to it) were being done initially by PM, rather than arguing about whether there are going to be arguments. Unless there is a problem, or clear indications that one is developing, I think these actions should probably be taken outside the thread.

    That being said, for the most part, I think the moderation has been pretty decent so far. Now, the forum was down for a couple hours yesterday for no apparent reasons, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't me getting a 2 hour ban.

    1. The issue with PMs is that their contents can't be viewed by other people.

      If a call for civility early in a thread on a contentious topic is considered heavy-handed, imagine the rumours that could be started by "I got a PM from this moderator..."

  8. I would say that the recent shift of tone that made additional moderation a bigger issue then the moderation in itself.

    People have started to become a lot less civil to one another o nthe boards.
    It still baffels me that people are so closely tied to their percived enjoyment of the game that if someone disagrees with you on the matter you answer back with hostility. I dont think you need to defend a company that makes a product you enjoy from critics. And if you do feel the need why act like a jerk?
    Its a subjective not an objective issue. You and I are probably very different and if i like tea and you like coffee thats fine.
    You dont need to defend you enjoyment of coffee to me.

    The reply from Eric in the no blank pages thread however is something that i see as the wrong way to go about it.
    "None of this narcissistic behavior is welcomed in the forums. If you truly need this resolved, send back the book and we'll refund your money. "

    This can be seen as a "dont you dare give us bad press about or new product" response and some posts by other wyrd employees have atleast in my mind come of as cranky and sulking when someone voices either concern or "this sucks its not hte old edition i hate change". Neither is productive and makes me worry a bit. The company should comunicate but shouldnt give petty remarks that clearly shows their irritation with the critisicm.

    When i started looking into Dark Age there where hints of one of the moderators going banans of the rails at some point. Refered to as "the incident" and I didnt dig deep enough to uncover what happened as the posts had most likely by that time been deleted and the acount of the moderator had been inactive for quite some time by that point.