Monday, August 5, 2013

Models Painted

Taking a break from the variety of strife circling through the Malifaux community lately, I decided to get some more painting done. On finishing up some of the new models I slipped onto my painting tray I set-up a small photo station in my office to grab some pictures of the new models. A couple of these were actually painted during July, with only two being completed this past weekend.

It makes me a bit sad to paint up models that I am very unlikely to use in games, but C'est la vie. I now have 3 Riflemen, Sirdar, and my last Wastrel painted up and ready to join McCabe or a variety of other guild crews. I am pretty happy with how the white came out on Sirdar, building up to it in a couple levels. I ended up starting with GW Space Wolves Grey, followed by a thin coat of Bleached bone. This will then covered with P3 Menoth White base, then highlighted with two layers of P3 Mentoh White highlight.

On painting up the Riflemen I went with the same scheme I used for my guild guard. I figured that the grey would work out well, and stippled the coat with some lighter and darker greys to add in some of the "camouflage" that I infer from the Rifleman fluff.  I am pretty happy with how they came out, and I suspect they will look very good in a crew with my guardsmen. I am considering putting together a quick picture of Lucius plus some dogs, guardmen, and riflemen.

So far in August I completed two large models, Snow Storm and aDreamer. I do like the way Snow Storm and aDreamer came out overall however. I still have a fair number of models sitting in my unpainted to-do box, and plan to continue to get them painted up over time. This is part of my plan to fill time until I find a game that I want to play.

Snow Storm looks really good when standing with the rest of my Rasputina crew. This is another picture I am thinking about taking, with the whole Raspy crew set-up together. There was some small gap filling required on Snow Storm, and I was actually surprised when I saw what flash needed to be cleaned up. When I originally looked at the pieces I did not think the flash was as bad as I had heard from others who built this model. This was one of the few resin models that Wyrd released, and there was some complaints when he was first released. The flash does not look bad on a glance, but upon actually cleaning and assembling the model it is found between many of the hair strands and fur on the Yeti. This ended up being a lot more work than I expected to clean up.

As a last picture here is a look at Avatar Dreamer. I love my Dreamer crew and never really looked at aDreamer as a competitive model, which is why its taken so long to paint up. I didn't see him as competitive due to redundancy more from any other reason. I very much believe that once you get to the point you would want to manifest aDreamer you likely have the game in hand and he would not bring much to winning a game. I do believe he could be a lot of fun for a casual game and plan to use him in future Malifaux Classic games I will play with Dreamer. Overall on the hobby side he was not bad to assemble or paint. I would have preferred that the Nightmare Chompy head have been used instead of the strange crocodile head that was actually sculpted. Overall the scale and sculpting is a bit strange, especially considering the lower jaw is so much larger than the top jaw. That said, I do not think the model looks that bad at all. I'm a little sad to see the light in the light tent washed out to the whites and skin tones on Dreamer himself, as I love the pose he has at the end of the bed. I am pretty happy with the white highlighting I was able to achieve on his night gown.


  1. I'm really enjoying these nicely painted Malifaux miniatures. Is it possible to take a photo with less flash (or something)? The Dreamer in particular is really hard to pick out with the white-against-colour. My favourite is the Wastrel though; I love that miniature.

    1. Thanks Argentbadger. Funny enough, and equally frustrating, I did not use any flash on these pictures and they were all taken with the same lighting through the light tent. I need to play around with my camera settings a bit and may need to light aDreamer differently for a new round of pictures and see if that makes it easier to see.

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