Saturday, July 27, 2013

Got the message


  1. And now we're delving into name calling. Mature. Real mature.

  2. Bill, while I have been a big supporter of yours recently, I'm a little confused as to what this post is supposed to achieve?

    If I could offer some (un)helpful advice? Without beginning to presume I know what you're going through, I am only assume that like me you feel/felt burned by Wyrd (it's something I've come to see as a kin to GW Burn, ie what drives people to openly complain (often about valid reasons)).

    And every time you express these feelings (which you are entitled to do) you get attacked and jumped on by some people.

    My advice would be to try and ignore the attackers and focus on the supporters, but know that there will come a time when even the supporters will grow tired of negative comments.

    What I found very helpful was throwing out into the Internet everything that upsets you (without going over stuff that could cause issues with NDAs etc) and then once it's all out in the open, step away, remove yourself from the situation.

    That's what I've done, and in doing so it feels like a switch has been flipped in my head. Do I like v2? No. Does it bother me any more that things are going in a different direction to what I would like? No. I actually don't care any more, and it's making me feel a whole lot better.

    Anyway, take what you will from these comments, I just hope you feel better.

  3. Nix, I'm kind of sad to see this kind of thing from you. I used to really enjoy reading your site and your opinions on Malifaux, and I followed your posts about your feelings on V2 with interest, because to start with they were logical and well presented, whether I agreed with them or not.

    This and your last post, on the other hand, don't at all match up with that. This sort of thing is the reaction of a teenager acting stupid to get a reaction and then saying 'oh, it was just a joke, you don't get my kind of humour' if the reaction wasn't what they wanted.

    I really hope that in time, you're able to be involved in Malifaux (in any form) in the way that you used to.

  4. Your sarcasm comes through just fine, though I don't find it clever or funny. As for the "feelings you fell into," you're free to express yourself as you see fit on the internet, but don't get all pouty when we lose respect for you for behaving vindictively on your podcast or blogging about how much more rational and carefully researched your opinions are. Honestly, many of us feel a sense of loss regarding what the GL and this blog have become (nothing wrong with feelings per se) and have returned to this site hoping to see you change course and redeem yourself. No one needs to see grovelling contrition, but at least stop acting like a petty narcissist. This is sad.

  5. Nix, I realize you've dug deep into your mental bunker of "it's not me, it's them", but it really is time to evaluate the actions you've continued to take regarding, of all fucking things, an edition change, and realize that you've made an absolute mess of things.

  6. For myself, I see alot of what I went through when D&D went to 4E, so I can understand, I think, some of what you are going through. That said in looking back I am not proud of how I acted in regards to that edition shift, and I venture to suggest that in time, you will not perhaps be proud of the way you are acting now.

    I've always enjoyed listening to the Gamers Lounge in the past, even thought I didn't even often agree with your opinions, but in general on most episodes it was a good listen, and often thought provoking. I personally hope that it comes back in a form relevant to my interests, whether Malifaux, Boardgames, or just hobbies in general as I would most likely still listen as your shows tend to be very entertaining.

    I've felt from the first, ever since your dissatisfaction with 2.0 became more public knowledge that there had to be some personal issues going on between you and Wyrd staff, as the shift from 'Wyrd can do no wrong' to 'Wyrd can do no right' was pretty drastic, and at least to me, seemed to be totally disproportionate to any rational expression of dislike for the rules. I think you have allowed those issues to leak into your reactions, and it is not doing you credit. For lack of better terminology I'll give you a paraphrase of your own advice to Malifaux players back to you, Honestly you need to 'React Better', as we are all mostly adults in this community, and the level of maturity and professionalism you have become known for in the community has seemed to disappear as of late. You are seriously better than this, and seeing you lower yourself to the actions and comments taken lately, has actually more than anything else been the most disappointing thing about the whole dislike of 2.0.

    Really, please take the time to take a breath, re-asses your priorities in life, spend time with the wonderful family you have, and that you speak with such affection for, and come back at some point in the future more of the person the whole community knew you to be, even if it's just for a final farewell and a parting of the ways. It would be a great shame that if this is the way one of the pillars of this community goes out, and becomes known for.

    My best wishes to you, Honestly.

    -Fetid Strumpet-


    I get knocked down
    But I get up again
    You're never going to keep me down

    Nix, maybe You lost a battle - but the war is going on ...


  8. I just wanted to give you some support Nix on this whole thing with Malifaux. You've invested a lot of time and effort into your podcast, blog, and the game itself and deserve to feel the way you do. I personally have enjoyed the podcast and the blog, since it mirrors my own thoughts and reflections over the new edition change.

    I do think it's absolutely funny to me some of the posts that I am reading on this site are treating you like you had some sort of mental breakdown, as if only a crazy person would not like M2E. It is your opinion, say it as you see fit.


    1. Judgeman,

      Just to clarify, the majority of the posts here aren't disparaging Bill's opinions of M2E but instead take issue with how he expressed these opinions on episode 77 and recent blog posts. While you apparently read this as being unsupportive, most of these posts simultaneously express disappointment and encouragement to return to an approach less inflected with vitriol directed toward the Wyrd development team. As a longtime reader of this blog and listener of the podcast I want Bill to succeed, and my disappointment is directly proportional to how much I've enjoyed the podcast in the past.

      To Bill's credit, episode 78 was a return to form and a very enjoyable listen. I say this not because Andrew's perspective "mirrors my own thoughts," as unlike you, Judgeman, I do not listen to the podcast for echoed affirmations of my own ideas. I listen to learn something new about the game. Whereas episode 77 was so rife with unchecked straw man arguments and vehemence toward the current development staff that it was difficult to distill real content, episode 78 was a revealing conversation that helped me better understand how the differing priorities and interests (tournaments, background, growing the playerbase, etc.) of two gamers have led them to different conclusions about the new edition. While I like more than I dislike in M2E, I'd welcome hearing more from Bill about why the new edition doesn't interest him, provided he does so in a way that meets the standards I've come to expect from the Gamer's Lounge.

      As I've said here and on the Wyrd boards, it's Bill's blog and podcast to do what he wants with. However, it's also my prerogative as a listener and reader to express my disappointment when his response doesn't live up to the excellent track record that he's established. In this sense, my disappointment is also a sign of my support and of my hope for a return to the Gamer's Lounge of yore. Episode 78 was certainly a step in the right direction.

      It sounds like where we might agree is in reminding those critical of Bill to be careful about what they are criticizing. That is to say, if like me, you're disappointed in Bill's recent podcast and blog entries, just leave it at that. Making the issue unnecessarily personal is actually doing the same thing that many of us are disappointed in: allowing personal vitriol to spill over into the public sphere in a way that reflects poorly on this community.

      I hope this clarifies why I think you've misread these posts as directed at Bill because of his dislike of M2E. The issue isn't about drawing a line in the sand between those who support Bill and those who do not. I for one am both disappointed in recent blog entries and supportive of what the Gamer's Lounge has been and could be again. I wish Bill the all the best in turning the page on this unfortunate chapter and finding a new outlet for his gaming interests, whether that be M1.5, M2E, or another game entirely.