Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Malifaux Gencon 2013 Nightmare crew art leaked?

While I took French in high school I was not very good at it and with the exception of possibly 3-5 words it has completely fled my brain. That's a shame as I am now digging around for a website translator to read what FredRaider Adventures has to say about the fantastic picture above. Trying to piece together the English words on his blog post it appears that the picture above is the soon to be released Tara, Herald of Obliteration. I saw a question about this on the Wyrd Forums and read the mention that it had been leaked. A little diligent google searching (Google Image Search: wyrd malifaux tara obliteration) showed the art above was posted back on June 12 of this year. Posting the link on the Wyrd forums quickly got my post disapeared, so I can only take that as confirmation that the art is accurate.

I will say, the art looks interesting. Despite not being a resounding fan of Malifaux V2, I am looking forward to seeing what this crew does. As Wyrd is listing this as the nightmare release at Gencon 2013, I expect it to be a lot of fun!

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  1. That really resembles a Legion boxed set to me: leader with a fancy title in the format "blank of blank" and three little critters that resemble shredders.