Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Picture Week - Commision Gremlin Kin

A while back I mentioned on the podcast that one of the local players, Brian, was painting up some
gremlins for me. I had recently picked up a set of Gremlins from another friend (Mike) and Brian offered to commission paint my Kin and slop haulers in exchange for some Guild models he was missing. As I was not really looking forward to painting up the Kin myself and I had no immediate plans to play the Gremlins, I took him up on the offer. I have to admit that what I ended up getting back was fantastic. I suspect Brian thought he was playing a bit of a joke by painting pink on each of the models, but it honestly worked out really well. The lighter pastel colors play well off the green skin of the gremlins.

I have to admit that while gremlins are still not among my favorite parts of Malifaux, these models have a ton of character. Part of me wants to like them enough to play in regular games, but in V1 they are just not at the top of my list. I am very happy to have them and the kin compliment my purchased Gremlin crew very nicely. I even have some additional models to add to the crew at a future date, including Lenny, McTavish, and a Pigapult. I think I might even have a Limited Edition Hog Whisperer somewhere in my box of stuff that could use some paint.

That said, I hope everyone enjoys checking out the excellent paint job Brian did on these models. The Slop Haulers came out a little blurry, so I will need to retake their picture at a later date.


  1. I painted them pink because I thought it would look cool. And I just bought a pot of pink paint. ...

    1. They do look cool! I was under the impression that you were also trying to poke some fun at me.... my mistake!!!!

    2. Nope! No fun poking intended! I texted you to make sure you were good with it. If I wanted to poke fun the skin would have been pink. I was painting them up and after doing ophelia and the octopus slop hauler I had the makings of a theme. It helped that there were lots of pigs too. Those guys are easily made pink!

  2. Also I think the important take away here is that Mike owned Gremlins!