Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have made progress on my army, and gotten a few things done. On the last post I showed some in progress pictures of the tanks. Here they are completed.

This is Falcon #2 with the attached (magnetized) shirikan catapults under the front.

He is Falcon 1, with no under slung weapon. I am trying to figure out how to build an under slung shurikan cannon.

And a picture of both Falcons, with the magnetized weapons for each laid out.

And now the first Wave Serpent.

Another view:

As well as getting those complete, I dropped by GW Sugarland yesterday, hung out, and did work on my BoneSinger model. I am not sure how I will be using this guy (Farseer, Warlock, Spiritseer), but he will likely be a stand in for any of these as the army grows. I still need to put him on a slightly larger base so that he matches the rest of my Exarchs and HQ.

And a view of the back.

So that's it for now. I will be doing a Cpt Badruck for the 40K Radio Freeboota contest and also dropped 5 rangers/pathfinders onto the primer box. These will be my next projects.
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