Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holidays mean Hobby Time

Holiday seems to be the time for Hobby-ing! I have put together and painted up my Banshee squad, although it is not yet a full squad. Here are the pictures of 6 banshees (I got an extra in the box) and the exarch. Will need to pick up another box at some point to bulk up to 10 Banshees, and put together a mirror sword Exarch.

Here is a quick pic of the full squad.

Closer look at half the squad.

Closer look at the other half of the squad. On both halves I have a Banshee with a load of blood on her base. I initially thought this may have been to much, but then remembered they are modelled after having sliced a Firewarrior in half. Justification for that much blood? I think so.

Close look at the Exarch. I modeled the Exarch chopping through a Crisis suit.

Now I am on to my tanks. GW Sugarland is having a "New Ride for the New Year Demolition Derby" on Saturday, and I want to bring some tanks with me. I currently have 2 Falcons and 1 Wave Serpent assembled and primed. I magnetized all the weapons and will start painting today. I plan to coat the top with the Citidel Spray Gun and then paint the weapons, canopy, and details with a brush.
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