Monday, May 11, 2009

Baltimore Gamesday 2009 - Post 2 (Armies on Parade & Golden Daemon)

I did grab some pictures of other events at Gamesday 2009. Armies on Parade, Golden Daemon, and then general game boards as I walked around. Below are some of the highlights:

Armies on Parade

I saw some great looking armies here, and enjoyed talking with the army creators/owners. Drew Carrington has some great freehand painting on his Landraider for his Crimson Fist army. If I grasped the story correctly, he painted this by firelight while camping out. I had to give the obligatory bow to his skill when he told me this.

I grabbed some pictures of some excellent looking Eldar models. The overall army pictures did not come out due to dirty over-shield on the tables. I grabbed some pictures simple because I liked the display boards and will eventually need to craft something for my own army.

There was a great looking Baneblade with a really nice Mechanicum sigil on the front. (edit: by BrassScorpion from BoLS)

And then there was Jay and his armies on parade. I think he should have labeled them "Chaos Marines: Alpha Legion".

Golden Daemon

Overall Golden Daemon was better this year than last. I snapped a bunch of pictures, but only a limited amount came out. I need to do more work with the camera to improve my photography skills. Here are a couple highlights:

Tau on Bike (this looked much better in person than in the picture)

Incredible fine painting on an Eldar Grav-Tank

Yes, I was drawn to the Eldar models. To be fair there were a good number of them as well. This Wraithlord looked incredible:

I will do another Gamesday post, likely later today. I want to share some of my thoughts and take advantage of my own virtual soap-box to talk about my feelings regarding Gamesday.


  1. Man what a disappointing Games Day in the model department this was for me. I had such lofty plans for Armies on Parade and Golden Daemon. Then things went bad and I had to pull out yet GW still humiliated me and gave me 2 spots in Armies on Parade that I could not fill (though I change from Chaos to WotR over 3 weeks ago and gave them 2 days notice I was not going to be able to compete at all). Shows you the great level of book keeping they had.

    Bill thank you for all the great photos, so far your coverage has been the best I have seen. Nice job.

  2. Nice little photo journal here. Glad you liked my Mechanicum Baneblade; thanks!