Friday, May 8, 2009

Small Update

Its been a bit since I posted last, shorter than the previous breaks but definitely longer than I had hoped. I have some pictures that were missing from the previous post, along with a quick snap of my workspace.

First, the missing pictures:

Eldar Jet-Bikes

Wave Serpent #2 (borrowing weapons from WS #1)

And my workspace.

As you can see, if you look closely, I have stacked up my next couple projects. The Queue on my left will show that my painting queue is empty, but the building queue has backed up. I need to assemble my Shrieker Jet Bikes (Eldar Jetbike with Shuri-Cannons). Along with this I am going to put together my small (5 man + Exarch) Fire Dragon squad. I added a Farseer to the stack, as I have an idea for the base conversion and I want to field an actual Farseer model (instead of my Bonesinger).

Gamesday Baltimore is tomorrow and I will be headed up for the day. I am dissapointed as I was hoping to bring some cash with me in the hopes of grabbing some deals (if they are similar to last year). Unfortuneatly, my car had other ideas and the bulk of my recent bonus went to fixing it up. Its never fun to hear your wallet cry as you pay the cashier at an auto-shop. I am still hopeful I can scrounge together some smaller fun-money to pick up a few things.
Lastly on the tray is an Autarch on Jetbike model. I am not sure yet if I will assemble him as an Autarch or do some mod's to make him a Farseer on Jetbike.

On other fronts, I am looking to the future and some of my other hobby projects on the horizon. I have 2 major projects in different stages of preparation.
Project 1: High Elf Fantasy Army
Project 2: War of the Ring army (either Misty Mountains or Elves)

Regarding Project 1, I have a large box in my closet waiting for me to complete my Eldar project. The Defenders of Ulthuan set was purchased around Christmas time (my present to myself with help from my lovely wife!), and I have augmented that with some small bits from here and there. I ahve added 15 White Lions (incl. Command), along with 5 Dragon Princes (incl. Command). Overall this should make a very solid 3K plus army.

Project 2: I am going back and forth on what I will want to play for WotR. I have a Balrog which I painted up at the begining of my Eldar project. I painted him as the cracked skin is similar to the Eldar Forge World Avatar, and I wanted to try out my paint scheme. Now I have a game I am interested in that he could add to. In addition, I have had some additional ideas for substitutes for some of the over-expensive Misty Mountain models which would allow me to expand my force fairly quickly. This makes me lean toward the Misty Mountain list.

On the other hand, I love the LoTR Galadhrim models. I am considering using some of these in my High-Elf WHFB army, but also lean toward purchasing and building an armored Galadhrim army for WotR. I will probably see where everything sits when I get down to starting my WotR project.
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