Saturday, May 23, 2009

DeadTau Project gets Battlefoam!!

I have to admit, I love this company. The foam is more expensive and I cannot seem to get things to work perfectly, but I love the idea.

So the DeadTau project finally received some BattleFoam for the army! This is by no means everything for the army, in fact I can only carry a couple squads. It does give me a good feel for what I will need to spec out the complete army. Here are some pictures

Both of the trays below are cut for the GW cases. First is the "24 Terminator Foam Tray (GW)" which I figured would work for my squad upgrade and leader models. This tray also works perfectly for the "odd shaped" models like my customer warp-spiders and banshees.

Next we have the "50 Troop Foam Tray (GW)" to hold "normal" models. As you can see, the models do not quite fit the slots, but they work out overall. I will need to adjust this with some custom foam, but now I have a better idea how to make those adjustments.

I will certainly need to pick up additional trays for tanks and my jet-bikes. That does not take into consideration the War-Walkers, Vypers, Wraithlord, and Avatar I will eventually build. I am considering the "Pack 432" with customer load-outs. This will require additional funds, but I think I could get this specced out nicely.

That's all for now. No painting or other updates as work travel has kicked my ass for the past 2 weeks. I should be back in the swing of playing after Memorial day, and will be playing a WHFB game or two tomorrow at the house.
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