Saturday, April 25, 2009

No pictures on this post, as the camera is not quickly available.

Today I watched LoTR: Two Towers, Dark Knight, and 40K Radio Live tonight. Thats right, a whole lot of sitting around and being lazy today. This was a great thing for my painting and modeling!

I have completed the following:
WaveSerpent is painted
4 Biked are painted
Bike bases are modeled and painted
Bike Riders are assembled and primed.

So, this leaves magnetizing and painting the Waveserpent weapons, and painting up the bike riders. This is a fairly large leap forward with completed model. As you can see from my "Queue" list on the left, my list is shrinking and I need to line up the next squads. I am not going to add the models to my "Completed" list to the right until I get the riders completed and the weapons magnetized.

Pictures will follow later this week when I return from my NY trip on Monday. I will be playing in a 40K Mega-battle with 1500 points of Nids tomorrow at the GW Sterling shop, which should be interesting. I know there will be at least 3K of Nids and ~4K of IG.
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