Sunday, April 19, 2009

40K Radio - Dead Tau Hamlet

"To be or Not to be.... that is the question"

.... "I say not"

I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on a model for the 40K Radio podcast. Well, for those listening to the Bar episode 40, you can hear me call in and update the guys on my progress. The Dead Tau Hamlet was sent off to Spencer in today's mail, he should receive it this week. This was a fun model to put together and I may end up constructing something similar for my own force. This was painted up to his army's color scheme and basing.

I also got work done on my own bases for my remaining Banshees, but did not get the Banshees completed and mounted. I am nearly there, but ended up having to jump off to run some errands this afternoon. I will be getting those completed this week and pictures posted of the progress.

As for gaming, I was sick this past week and did not make it out on Tuesday to play. I need to get my Eldar onto the table, in some level of play. Hopefully I can get things coordinated this week and get some games in on Tuesday.

I want to point to one of the links on the left ------> over there, specifically Jen's painting projects. My friend Jen has finally updated her blog and posted some fantastic pictures of her Lizard army.

Well, I am off to a Mega-battle tomorrow (today? its after midnight) with my WHFB dwarves at the local GW store. I am looking forward to a relaxing mega-battle, even if it is against vampires.


  1. what do you have against tau? the coolest army might I add. nice model though

  2. the guy who's workin on an actual tau battle suitOctober 19, 2009 at 3:26:00 PM EDT

    nice model but i have to say this is against the greater good XD. my army is the tau and i love em so much i'm creatin a suit...which is sad but fun.
    well developed model