Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jet Bikes

Wow, 2 posts in 1 day.

So as I was able to find some gaps in my work-day, I took advantage of the benefits of working from home. I have undercoated (green) my wave serpent and 4 jet bikes. I also have 75% of my Banshees complete. I need to:
* paint up the bases
* clean up the banshees armor
* complete the swords, gems, and pistols
* mount them on the bases.

In the interim, here is a WIP picture of a Jetbike. No rider yet, but I am playing with some painting tricks using washes.

Now that the WHFB Winter League is over, I should really make time to get out and learn to play 5th edition against opponents other than my son. I met an excellent group of players through the league and nearly all of them prefer 40K. I figure this is a good group to start back with!


  1. great looking bike! i wish i had one, but the non-exsistance of hover technology is a bit of an impediment

  2. Bill, we are glad to have you in the group. We were all impressed by your dwarves and look forward to facing your Eldar. -jay