Friday, April 10, 2009

Book Review - Hell Forged

Now for something a little different. I know some may be surprised but I actually read on a very regular basis, especially when I am traveling for work. Recently I completed Hellforged, the latest book in the Soul Drinkers series.

Overall, let me say that I really liked this book. The ending caught me off guard and I will be anxiously awaiting another book in the series! So:
Overall: Typical Pulp Fiction (Easily read)
Action: Wow! As with most Souldrinkers series, this had lots of action
Interest: My interest in this book is very high. (see details below)
Coverage: Renegade Space Marines, Loyal Space Marines, Mechanicum, Necrons
Recommendation: Very High

So the primary action in this book takes place in a series of battles involving the Souldrinkers, the Mechanicum, and the Necrons. There is some fantastic interplay between these three and very well written battles both in space (between ships) and direct conflict between the armies.

There are a couple things in this book that really set the tone for 40K for me. I may be a bit slow, but for the first time I gained an appreciation for Renegade Space Marines who are not servants of Chaos. When the Chaos Marine codex was released for the game, I was having a hard time understanding why it was not focused on the Traitor Legions. I finally have an appreciation for renegade space marines, who are still loyal to the Emperor but not to the Imperium. The Souldrinkers are a fantastic example of this. I have to admit that the Souldrinkers are quickly moving up the ladder to my favorite chapter! The more I read of their books, the more I think about starting an army of them!

I also enjoyed the deeper look into parts of the Mechanicum that this book provides. After reading a series of books that deal with the Mechanicum (Titanicus, Mechanicum, etc) another look at the mechanicum is welcome.

I have also noticed that Necrons have been involved in a couple books released over the past couple years. Dark Apostle (released Sep 2007) and this book both have well written scenes heavily involved with necrons. Reading through this book and noticing the terminology used leads me to believe that the writer (Ben Counter) was provided insight into the future release of the Necrons. Personally, I do not think its a reach to expect some of the representation of Necrons within this book to be pointers to how the Necrons will be in the new Codex.

Overall, for anyone interested in Necrons, Space Marines, Renegade Space Marines (not chaos), this book is a very strong recommendation! Also, anyone looking for a good 40K universe book to read should pick this up.
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