Monday, April 20, 2009

Completed Banshee Unit

I completed the Banshee squad, along with another Exarch with Mirror Swords. I rushed these a bit and feel that I will want to touch them up long term. For now, I am crossing them off my list and moving on to the completing my Jet Bikes and Wave Serpent.

Banshee Exarch from the side

Banshee Exarch from the Front


I am headed out to GPC tomorrow to play some 5th edition games. I am going to create a 1500 and a 1750 list to take with me. Should be interesting as I am clearly still learning 5th edition. Also, it will be a full game return to the Eldar, which I am looking forward to.

As an update, my progress is as follows:
*Complete* 1 Autarch with jump pack, mandi-blasters, fusion gun, Power weapon
1 Avatar (Forgeworld)
1 Farseer with swords
3 Warlocks with swords

*Complete* 9 Howling Banshees
*Complete* - Exarch with mirror swords
*Complete* - Exarch with Executioner
*Complete* 5 Wraithguard
5 Firedragons
- Exarch (weapon load-out TBD)
4 Harliquins with Kisses
- 1 Shadow Seer
- 1 Troupe Master

*Complete* 9 Dire Avengers
*Complete* - Exarch with Twin SC
*Complete* 9 Dire Avengers
*Complete* - Exarch with Power Weapon/Shimmershield
*Complete* 5 Pathfinders
4 Guardian Jetbikes
Guardian Jetbikes w/ shurican cannon

Fast Attack
*Complete* 9 Warp Spiders
*Complete* - Exarch with twin Spinners and Power Blades

*Complete* 2 Falcon Grav Tanks
4 Dark Reapers
- Exarch with Tempest Launcher
- Exarch with Shurican Cannon

1 Wraithlord with Magnetized Weapons
3 War Walkers with Magnetized Weapons

*Complete* 1 Wave Serpent Grav Transports with Magnetized Weapons

1 Wave Serpent Grav Transports with Magnetized Weapons
*Complete* 1 Bonesinger (Farseer or Warlock substitute)

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  1. Never rush your paint jobs, the result you have achived here is awful and will just make it harder in the long run. I can see the effort you have put into the base and the Tau. Just slow down a little hun and use thinner layers of paint and your results should be much better! :)