Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Heading to Seattle, WA

I will be headed out to Seattle Washington for business in a couple week (August 19 & 20) and am looking forward to the trip. I took a similar trip last year around this same time and it was great! The picture above is from that last trip.

In addition to looking forward to the trip, I just received confirmation that I have a shipment coming from Battlefoam! This should be my new army case, which means I can bring my Eldar with me on the trip. I know I have some readers from the Seattle area, so I hope to get some games in. I will be at a business dinner Wednesday night, but would love to play a game or two on Thursday. afternoon is possible. I am on the red-eye out of Seattle @ 10pm, so plan to stop by the Seattle bunker in the afternoon.

Shoot me an email or a message if you are in the area and can play a game Thursday afternoon at the Bunker!
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