Friday, May 7, 2010

Unboxing the XBoard from Battlefoam

Yesterday my almost-friendly Fedex driver dropped a box onto my front step. Imagine my excitement when I realized it had arrived from Battle Foam! As I dragged the box inside I thought I should share the unboxing with you, my intrepid readers.

So, here we go! What follows is pictures and comments of what I found as I unboxed my brand new XBoard.

So we start with the Fedex box and the emergence of the XBoard box. The random cards you see on the top of the package are business cards for Battle Foam, our friend Brandon at GMM Studios, AE Bounty by Darkson Designs, and a Geek Nation Tours card. The Xboard box is very nice and while I wish I had been able to talk Romeo into giving me a board at Adepticon, I can understand the wait for the box to be released. This will look very good on retailer shelves.

Once the box was dragged out and opened, we found the following. The instructions were a nice touch, although assembly of the board is fairly striaght forward and easy to figure out.

The cloth bag is durable and a fairly light weave. Inside you can see several layers that protect the side rails of the board along with the boards themselves.

And then we come to it, with the whole board pulled out of the bag and ready to assemble. Here is a quick shot of both boards, giving you a chance to see both the top and bottom of the board. This is a sturdy board, built similar to the Citadel Realms of Battle board.

Assembly is very straight forward. Both boards lay side by side and the center join drops in to join them together. You can see in the next tab that the center join, while easily slipping over the bottom tabs, holds the boards together firmly.

Following the center piece the rest of the board edges snap together quickly. Take a quick look at the fully assembled board from both the bottom and the top. Pay special attention to the center of the frames on the front. There is a space for you to paint or mount a panel with your name an potentially your armies name. Very nice!

Overall I am very pleased with my board. The price is well worth it and I have already heard plans for new expansion boards with alternate built in terrain. The only difficulty I have found is some of the "tab latches" holding the edges together can be tough to unlatch once together. Once these work in from assembly/disassembly a couple times they becomes easier to work with.


  1. Another great Battlefoam product! Please put up some pics once it's painted!

  2. I'm looking forward to the Malifaux bag!

  3. Will do! Also, the current rumor is that General Baggies Brigade is supposed to go live in June....

  4. That's one bag that I have not had a chance to check out. I know Romeo spent time with the Malifaux guys during Gama and was excited about whats coming up.