Monday, August 8, 2011

Gencon 2011 - Master of Malifaux Round 1

Well, Gencon is over and I am on the road on the way back. Magical technology lets me post while I have my road-trip partner driving. Over the next several days I am going to get my battle reports posted for the Master of Malifaux tournament I played on Saturday.

Some quick statistics for anyone who is interested. Wyrd claims that the Master of Malifaux was the largest tournament to date (I  believe it was at 32 people). I wonder if thats accurate, as I believe the UK Malifaux GT hit 40 players. Regardless, this was the largest Official Wyrd run tournament to date and the competition was exactly as I expected it to be. I had 4 rounds vs great opponents, even though I ended up playing broken (not fun) lists in 2 of my rounds. My opponents still held up to the pressure and NPE factors of my list and we joked and had a good time.

Further statistics on the tournament:
  • Faction breakdown: 
    • 10 neverborn 
    • 7 outcast
    • 6 resurrectionist 
    • 4 arcanist
    • 3 guild
  • Final round - top 2 tables:
    • Table 1 was Dreamer/LCB vs Avatar Zoraida
    • Table 2 was Dreamer/LCB vs Lilith (grow list)
  • Final Standings
    • 1st. Neverborn
    • 2nd Neverborn 
    • 3rd Outcast. 
    • Top 8 places were 4 neverborn, 3 outcast, 1 resurectionist (in 8th)
 Lets jump into my Round 1 of the tournament:
Master of Malifaux Round 1

Round 1 I played Stan, who was a whole lot of fun!

Round 1 started out with Shared Turf War and I was matched vs Outcasts. My plan had me choosing 50/50 between my 2 lists. Turf War has me working to get my crew to his half of the board, and into his deployment zone to max my points. I chose to take my Dreamer list:

The Dreamer -- 7 Cache
3 Daydreams [6ss]
Alp [3ss]
Alp [3ss]
Alp [3ss]
Coppelius [9ss]
Insidious Madness [4ss]
Stitched Together [5ss]
Stitched Together [5ss]
My Opponent set down Gremlins across from me, consisting (if I remember correctly) of:
Som'er Teeth Jones -- 3 Cache
1 Giant Mosquito [2ss]
Bayou Gremlin [2ss]
Gremlin Taxidermist [6ss]
Hog Whisperer [5ss]
Piglet [3ss]
Piglet [3ss]
Slop Hauler [4ss]
Slop Hauler [4ss]
Warpig [8ss]
Looking at this across the table I chose Reclaim Malifaux and Steal Relic as my schemes. I thought this would work out well vs So'mer, plus I have the movement to reclaim Malifaux and still push through to the opposing side of the board.

We both deployed and after setting up, I noticed I had a straight shot to toss Chompy/Dreamer down the board and possibly take Som'er down first turn. I started to activate and set my crew for an early bury (Defensive Stance, etc), waiting for him to activate a load of models. I finally reached the point of decision and So'Mer was hiding right behind the wall of one of the buildings. I looked close, the building wall was ht 3, Chompy should be able to see over it, and I companion activated the 3 day-dreams and Dreamer. Daydream/Chompy/Dreamer/Chompy shuffle and I place chompy next to the wall of the building, within 2 inches of So'mer, inside the building. I declare the attack and my opponent asks if Chompy can see So'mer from inside the building since there are no windows. At this point I realize my error, I am not allowed to even place Chompy inside the building. FAIL! I pick up Chompy and measure all my other options. Nothing comes to mind. I place Chompy at my best choice of location and only have a Bayou Gremlin to kill, who dies promptly. I trigger "All Done", then use the daydream in my deployment zone to pull Chompy/Dreamer back home and use the third DayDream to bury everyone.

That was annoying. I have now tagged the three zones. End of Round 1 I have tagged the three Reclaim zones in my deployment area, the insidious is forward ready to grab one of the next areas, I leave 1 Alp out and forward to grab the next area, and have a Daydream positioned in the center to summon up another nightmare to grab the middle section.

Turns 2 and 3 are a lot of positioning on both our accounts. I continue to reclaim sections of the board, Gremlins run forward and snap off shots at random nightmares, one gremlin makes a charge for my deployment zone on the right side of the board (he has staked a claim on a piece of terrain there as well), and the insidious madness was fighting two piglets. The Warpig made a run forward, but Chompy jumped out and killed it dead (making bacon I might add.. Bacon makes everything better). I also left an Alp behind to try and head off the Gremlin making a sprint for my deployment zone on the right side of the board.

Turn 4 started on my side with another run on So'mer and a group of gremlins who had not left his deployment zone. Day Dream jumps forward and calls up the big boss, Chompy. I have the plan in my head and its all planned out. Chompy will Melee expert So'mer and hit him. If I onslaught I will take it, cheating low if I have to in order to not kill off So'Mer. I will use my 1st AP to steal So'mers relic (I have a 12 in hand and can soul stone), then finish the Gremlin Boss off with my 2nd AP, attacking and triggering "All Done" (I have a 11 of Books in hand) to put the boy on the table. Dreamer will activate with 1 AP remaining, summon all his friends ( I have a 3 of masks in hand), make them terrifying, and then the turn will be over. The turn starts out well, Chompy attacks and flips a high ram. I do a fair amount of damage and So'Mer has no stones left. Chompy Onslaughts and hits So'Mer again, bonus! I look over my hand, look over So'mer's health, then attack again and hit. I toss the book out, flip damage and kill So'mer. At this point I try and figure out what I am going to do with 2 AP on Dreamer. Chompy is "All Done", Dreamer comes back out with 2 AP and 2 (0), Summons all his friends as planned, makes them terrifying, decides he can fly, and scoots over to be ready to grab another quadrant for reclaim Malifaux. We activate 2 or 3 other models before I realize.....


I forgot to steal the damn gremlins Relic. Best I can now score is 6 points on the game.

At this point I am fairly frustrated with myself for losing track of my schemes. Coppelius clears out his deployment zone, the pigs kill off the insidious madness and the Alp is just not fast enough to catch the gremlin running for my deployment zone. We have some small skirmishes but the game ends with Dreamer having reclaimed Malifaux, I have more models on his half of the table than he has on mine, his gremlin and my Alp are playing ring-around-the-Stake-a-Claim. Our final scores are tallied and we end up with a 6/6 draw (I get 4 points for Turf War, and 2 points for Reclaim Malifaux).

That Draw set us up at the exact middle of the tournament, as the only draw in the round.


  1. I'm very intrigued – was it the excitement of the moment that caused these mistakes? Did your opponent purposefully lure you in with the tantalising carrot of an unsupported Somer?

    Been there myself in tournaments, turning an certain win into a loss, it's easily done.

  2. While I can blame it on any number of things, it was honestly just a misplay on my part. It was my first game in the morning and I did not get much sleep all weekend, so I was tired. That's not an excuse though.

    Overall, it was a fantastic game and making those couple mistakes assured I did not make them again the rest of the tournament. Its a shame it cost me a win on the first round is all.