Saturday, August 6, 2011

Its Gencon, Master of Malifaux is going on now

So the tournament is here, and by the time you start reading this I should be well into Round 1 of the tournament. So the question is, what did I end up choosing to take?

I made the decision a couple weeks back not to take an Avatar list. Avatars are nice, but based on the pre-release rules as I understood them, they are not really tournament worthy. Sonnia Criid and Justice are ok for tournaments, but not fantastic. I was strongly considering taking a Criid Avatar list until I came across something else.

Locally while testing this list we termed it the FILTH list. This was first discussed by Mike on his blog, and he determined it was just not a fun list to play, especially against. Through some thinking and discussion, I thought that sounded like the ideal tournament list, so I started testing it.

So we start with Nekima and a couple Lilitu's, and build from there. Here is the list I ended up taking into today's tournament.

Neverborn Crew - 40 - Scrap
Pandora -- 8 Cache
Lelu [7ss]
Lilitu [7ss]
Lilitu [7ss]
Nekima, The Dark Sibling [13ss]
Terror Tot Nephilim [3ss]

So you are already cringing, I am sure. The basics here are Nekima giving the Lilitu's masks on thier cast so I can chain lure models to their death. Add to this Nekima's and Lelu's hitting power for finishing models off and this gets nice. Pandora adds a whole new dimension to this, removing those pesky immunities and pushing damage out there as well.

To be fair, this list sounds a lot nastier than it actually is. Through a variety of play-testing, I find that this becomes weak vs a strong Zoriada list, Dreamer list, and Lilith list. The low model count also provides some bad match-ups vs some of the Arcanist lists. With this in mind, I am keeping a second list in faction as an alternative.

Neverborn Crew - 40 - Scrap

The Dreamer -- 7 Cache
3 Daydreams [6ss]
Alp [3ss]
Alp [3ss]
Alp [3ss]
Coppelius [9ss]
Insidious Madness [4ss]
Stitched Together [5ss]
Stitched Together [5ss]

Max is a great standby for me, as he fits my play-style and addresses many of the weaknesses that have popped up with the FILTH list. Dreamer works well for me against most match-ups, so will be my choice for Arcanists, Neverborn, and possibly for Outcasts. I have options to swap around my build, but the build above is a great control crew with a large number of significant models.

So, wish me luck, I hope things are well underway at this point. I expect to get some results up here over the next week after Gencon!


  1. Good luck, buddy.  Hope you show well in the tournament.  Glad to help with your prep work for the last few weeks.  Now bring home the gold.

  2. if your gonna start m2e then what are you adding to the dreamer list to briing it back to 50 , i noted insidious so you could add teddy. leaving you about 4 points to spend on upgardes alps and daydreamers are free when summoned!

    1. Hey there Christopher. I won't be starting M2E, I tried out several games of it and it is not to my liking at all. Thanks for the feedback however, and I hope you find some additional good reading in the rest of the blog!