Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gencon 2011 - Master of Malifaux Round 2

Here we go, round 2 of the Master of Malifaux from Gencon.

Round 2 I played Mike? (Names are quickly slipping from my head...) and his Resurectionist Crew.

Round 2 was Shared Treasure Hunt, and playing Ressers. I had already planned to use my "Filth" list. Now, I want to point out that this list was the primary list I was planning to take to Gencon, simply because this was the Masters tournament and I felt this list was broken. It did not fail to deliver as expected. (and for that I actually feel bad for my opponents. I would never bring this list out in a friendly game, and am unlikely to bring it back in a tournament).
Pandora -- 8 Cache
Primordial Magic [2ss]
Desperate Mercenary [2ss]
Lilitu [7ss]
Lilitu [7ss]
Nekima, The Dark Sibling [13ss]
Terror Tot Nephilim [3ss]
Terror Tot Nephilim [3ss]
His list, as best as I can remember was:
Nicodem, The Undertaker -- 5 Cache
Bete Noire [9ss]
Canine Remains [2ss]
Canine Remains [2ss]
Canine Remains [2ss]
Canine Remains [2ss]
Canine Remains [2ss]
Mortimer, The Gravedigger [7ss]
Rotten Belles [4ss]
The Hanged [8ss]
For this round I chose (I think) Hold Out and Kidnap on the dogs.

We had a fairly straight line down the center of the board with a fair amount of terrain to hide behind, but not a lot to block LOS. The Treasure was set mid-board between us and I deployed in a knot at the edge of my deployment zone. Lilitu #1, Pandora, Lilitu #2 in a line. Nekima behind that line, Merc to her right, Tot to his right, Tot #2 to my left in a building, Puking Snake (Primordial Magic) to my right in a building.

He deployed Dogs on the line in the center, ready to run for the treasure, Mortimer in the center of the dogs. Bell was set to the left of the dogs, back a bit from the deployment line, and Nico was hiding behind a building to the right of the dogs. Hanged hid out in a building and Bete was off the table.

So, my list works in a fairly prescriptive manner. Turn 1 went along these lines:
I get initiative:
  1. Merc activates and goes defensive stance (my opponent and I joke about 3 hungry women leering at him must make him nervous)
  2. Dog moves toward the treasure
  3. Nekima goes defensive stance. Gives all Nephilim Masks on their cast, Cuts herself for 1 blood, Melee Expert hits the Merc (I cheat weak damage), Moves 4 inches to in front of the line of Girls (Pandora, 2 Lilitu's)
  4. Dog moves toward treasure
  5. Tot #1 smacks the Merc, killing him, gains 1 blood (Nekima gains her second blood), grows to a Young. At this point I forget to use the Desperate Merc's healing ability on Nekima, minor glitch.
  6. Dog moves toward treasure
  7. I do not have a 12 in my hand, so... Lilitu moves forward 1 move, starts with Luring one of the Dogs. Dog fails to resist, lure auto-triggers double-take, keeps luring until dog is in base-to-base, and dies from a combo of whip hits and Pandora's 1 dmg. Lilitu targets dog #2 and does the same thing, killing it as well.
  8. Mortimer moves forward and buries himself, my opponent makes the comment that he is not going to play around with letting mortimer get lured all over.
  9. Lilitu #2 moves forward and lures a dog, dragging it in and killing it. Bete pops out of the dog. Lilitu fires up her last AP to lure bete to her death. Bete does "1 with the night" and goes back under the bed.
  10. 2 Dogs move forward toward the treasure
  11. Tot #2 casts sprint and shoots out to the Treasure, sitting comfortably on top of it, planning to pick it up next turn.
  12. Belle moves forward and lures the Tot 5 inches forward.
  13. Puking Snake moves forward through the buildings on the right
  14. Hanged comes through the building to get a bead on the Tot.
  15. Pandora activates, walks twice to get in front of Nekima and the Girls. Pacify on the front dog, push 4 inches, pacify on the Hanged, push 4 inches, PE on Mortimer, tagging the hanged and a dog, push 4 inches, pacify the Bell, push back, pacify the last dog, end the cycle.
  16. Nico wanders out from behind the building and positions for a bead on my crew for round 2.
Round 2 ended up much nastier than that. I drew a high crow in hand so started with Pandora first. Pandora uses Pacify to shoot down the board and gets in range of Nico. I drop a PE on Nico, forcing him to run to the board edge. I push around dropping some more PE and pacifies before shifting back toward my line. He activates Mortimer first and buries himself. I activate Nekima and give everyone masks. He attacks the Tot with the Hanged, but missed. I still have no 12s in hand, so I activate a Lilitu and lure the Tot back onto the treasure. I then lure another dog to its death, Bete jumps out only to face another lure and death. This time she does not go back under the bed and stays dead. I can see my opponent getting frustrated. Nico activates and rallies. Tot activates and picks up the treasure. Belle lures the tot, making him drop the treasure. My other Lilitu lures the belle to her death, then switches and lures the hanged to his death. 1 of the casts in that chain failed to cast, no worries on that as I have plenty more. Dog attacks and kills the tot. Young jumps forward to grab the treasure. Puking snake moves forward.

Round 3 Nico walks back up the board, Mortimer buries himself. I shift the whole line forward and then shoot Pandora up the table as much as possible. I was either in range, or was in range at the start of round 4, but I end up dropping a PE and self loathing on Nico. Nico runs off the board smacking himself in the head with his cane. Mortimer flings dirt in a laughing moment at Nekima. Nekima charges Mortimer and hits him with her big sword. Lesson learned, never fling dirt at the Nephilim Princess! At this point the game is over, the young picks up the treasure and walks back to my deployment zone. Game ended 8/0 win for me. Record was not 4TP / +8 Diff / 14vp

More reports when I get another break from work to write them!
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