Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Interesting thoughts on playing Malifaux post V2

Mephiston has written up some of his thoughts on the first couple days of the Malifaux V2 Public Beta over here on his blog. I am sad he did not have a blocked out logo I could add to this blog post over there on the left. Anyway, go check out his blog and read his thoughts. Also, if you have a blog or article that is talking about Malifaux V2 and the Open Beta, please let me know. I am soaking up everything I can read currently and happily sharing as many opinions as I can.

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  1. So with all the buzz going around, I figured I'd get into the act of the Malifaux Beta as well. While I don't have much up yet, my local Malifaux group and one of the local stores are taking part in a month long weekly playing of the Beta, complete with a beta tournament to take place June 30th, the winner of which will receive the new rulebook.

    I'm hoping that means my blog will see some interesting articles about the game coming up. You can find me at yetischool.blogspot.com