Friday, June 28, 2013

Malifaux Model Tracker

Readers are aware that I use some online tools to track a variety of hobby statistics. These are linked over to the left of this post, and are open for the public to look at and even copy to make use of in tracking their own hobby progress. A while back one of the Wyrd forum users (Mako) spent time to create an excel spreadsheet to track Malifaux models. This spreadsheet tracks all the models currently (as of the update date) in the game in pretty simple faction tabs and drop-down menus. It's really a way to track how many and which Malifaux models you own, then also track the progress toward getting them painted. The forum thread is here and the download of the excel tool can be found at the bottom of the first post.

Mako's Malifaux Model Tracker

I downloaded the tracker and filled out the tool with my collection. This was a bit of fun for me, as I was interested in what I owned and did not own. I had to dig through my "Bill's Box of unfinished Malifaux" to really get a solid idea of what I had. I have been playing around with this for a while and with my recent couple models being completed (painting wise) I decided to look at the completion snapshot. Here is my Malifaux Model tracker graph:

You should be able to click on the graphic to take a closer look. There are some pretty interesting statistics to check out overall. Some of the things that I was interested in:
  • I own 356 Malifaux models
  • Apparently the SS total for all my models is 1556
  • 79% of my models are completely painted
  • I have a pretty even distribution of models across all factions except Ten Thunders and Resurrectionists
  • I have far more outcast models than I expected (65)
If your interested in playing around with the tool go grab it from the forum. 
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