Monday, June 3, 2013

Malifaux V2 other views

Yup, another quick update with a link to more views on the Public Beta release of Malifaux V2. Go check out New Fairbanks New's for his review. I have not read this one yet, just saw it was posted over the weekend and am getting ready to read it now.


  1. Thanks for the link :) not sure if call it a review, but I put down my initial thoughts post closed beta

    1. Your Welcome, I am more than happy to link over. I may not regularly read your blog but when I do I end up reading a lot to catch up with what I missed over time!!!

    2. Thanks, and if I can say I am truly sorry to read about your recent 'development'. It's a genuine loss for the community.

      I'm just trying to hold on to what I loved about v1. There may be some things I dislike about v2, but I want to make sure that no matter what I don't let it ruin the game we already love, as no one can take that away from us.