Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Dungeon Explore Villian Showcase

Last Monday I shared my Super Dungeon Explore (SDE) hero models that I've painted up. I realized while writing the brief commentary and laying out the article that I had far more pictures of the combined SDE collection than would fit nicely on a single blog post. Here we are with taking a look at the villains (mini-bosses & bosses) and monsters. As I mentioned previously, all of these pictures have shown up on the Soda Pop forums as well, so you may have seen them there.

Let's jump in looking at the single boss that I have painted up. This is Roxxor, the fire and rock Boss from the set named after him.  He's the only dungeon boss I have currently painted, although I have the Dragon primed and ready to be painted. Due to Halloween coming up and a potential SDE Halloween party in the planning, I will have to push the Dragon to the back of my painting tray and move Von Drakk, the shape changing vampire boss, up to the front of the queue.

I've had a great deal of fun painting the mini-bosses for SDE. They are a fun mix between monsters and characters, with many being similar to the hero models in overall size and style. Here we have the mini-bosses I've painted so far.
Beyond these four I also have 2 Rex ogre mini-bosses painted up, although I did not paint those. Prior to getting motivated to paint these myself I had 13th hour miniatures paint up my kobolds and ogres as a quickie project.

That brings us down to the monsters that I've painted to be deployed into the dungeons. Monsters in SDE are divided into 3 categories, Elites, Minions, and Creeps. I've not yet started work on my variety of creeps, but here are the other monsters I have painted (plus the kobolds). First up are the Fire Beasties:

Then come the dragon beasties:

And lastly are the spawning points and treasure chests for the game:

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