Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adepticon Model Approval - Part 2

Back during the middle of January I posted about sending in pictures for Model Approval at Adepticon. I received a response from the very affable Matt Weeks and have been remiss in my updates!

I sent your photos around and got some feedback from the event tournament judges/organizers. This is a tough call for us. On one hand we really appreciate the effort involved and we have seen things of this nature before at AdeptiCon...but on the other hand the model policy is pretty specific about base size. We dislike telling people they cannot play with their models, but at the same time we do not want you to have any trouble in your games.

At this point, we generally are giving you approval, but would suggest you limit the amount of of large basing if possible. Additionally, getting your opponent on board with the way your models are based will be ultimately important as will be playing your games in the manner you suggested above. I'd just hate for you run into one of those hardcore tournament gamers and have them start complaining about modeling for advantage or anything like that.


and a follow-up email:

I was thinking last night - and I forgot to mention the AdeptiCon INAT stance on scenic bases:

    RB.03B.02 – Q: If a model is mounted on a scenic base and an opponent objects to it, what happens?
    A: If an opponent objects to a scenic base, the model may still be used in the game. However during the game, to the best of both players‟ abilities, the model must be treated as if it were based on a standard-sized, non-scenic Games Workshop base [clarification].

Gives you a good reference point if an issues arises during a game.

I really appreciate the response and have respect for the stance they have taken. They have given me general approval with the caveat that if I am an "ass-hat" in disguise that the approval was only "General" and can be revoked. I really appreciate this, especially in light that after some more thought Matt provides an additional reference and strategy I can use if there are issues.

I still intend to play along the same lines I always play, which I feel fully supports being a good sport and not using the bases to advantage. I model using my bases for the aesthetic, not to gain some advantage in the game. Look at my win/loss record and this clearly shows!

Regardless, that is starting to beat a dead horse. I am grateful to the response and happy to see the response is in line with what I feel is fair, reasonable, and in the spirit of the game.


  1. And if you are feeling industrious, you can always have back ups just in case (though, not sure if that is allowed... at least it is with PP games). Good to hear that the tourney organizers are good people, though.

  2. For the next round of models maybe put them on the normal size bases that fit into the scenic ones. This way when you run into an ass-hat who complains you can remove the Dead Tau =)

  3. Remove the dead tau? That's tantamount to sacrilege!

  4. True. Problem was I did not have the extra models ready for replacements, which is sad. I am comfortable going with what I have and I will admit, if I have someone who throws to much of a fit I will likely give them the concession.

    Then I will talk at long length about it on the blog and podcast.

  5. I'm going to wait until you are in a serious competitive moment at the NOVA open, and then tell you your bases are illegal.

    See you in Chitown!