Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fuegan, The Burning Lance

These Exarchs are known as the Phoenix Lords and they are great heroes amongst the Eldar race. Their names are well known throughout the Craftworlds, and their deeds form part of the legends of the Eldar. No-one knows exactly how many Phoenix Lords there are, for some are seen but rarely, whole others disappear for millennia only to reappear suddenly and unexpectedly. Some have undoubtedly perished far away, their suits lying upon some hostile world awaiting discovery by some predestined Aspect Warrior doomed to don the armor and become the ancient hero for another cycle of his existence. - Written by Rick Preistley in White Dwarf 172.

Fuegan - The Burning LanceFuegan learned the art of war in the Shrine of Asur under the eyes of Asurmen. He later founded the Shrines of the Fire Dragons, and schooled them in the art of war with fire and flame. Fuegan is armed with a massive and deadly Firepike and carries the Fire Axe. This ancient weapon glows with the heat of its forging. It has never cooled since the day it was made and the runes upon its surface writhe in fiery agony. - Written by Rick Preistley in White Dwarf 172.

Thats right folks, a new Phoenix Lord has joined the DTP and arrived on the scene. Joining that all mighty bad-ass Maugan is Fuegan, the burning lance. He is pinnacle of  warriors lost on the Fire Dragon aspect path. Lets take a closer look at the pictures in color:

You can see I am working on my blending and shading, which I think it starting to improve.I am also putting a bit more effort into my gems, which have a way to go.


  1. Mmm... my first thought was "his blending is improving". The transitions look good, especially on his Firepike.

    The gems... yeah, they need work. I find a dark base, thin paints and a fine brush are the way to go there. Cheers and fine work!

  2. Good job on the blending. While the gems do need work, I do like the green with the red- a nice little offset to make them stand out.

    Not that I can do gems worth a damn...

  3. Great job Bill, your best mini to date.

  4. Thanks Dweomer! It's good that someone picked up the blending improvement, as its something I am working on. I think Fuegan looks good partially due to the undercoat of washes as well.

  5. I used a reference from CMON to figure out where I wanted to go. It looked good while still providing the GW Classic look. I blended up to yellow instead of down to black (which is what the GW paint scheme does).

  6. Thanks!

    I have to say, Fuegan photographed better than a lot of my other models. I think he is good, but I still think my Eldrad was better. You will have to take a look in person and let me know your thoughts.

  7. I agree with the other posters in that your blending is definitely kicked up a notch. The effort you've put in is certainly showing. While there are some lines that aren't perfectly smooth, it's a respectable piece to say the least.

    The colors, though seemingly bright don't seem to have as much depth as I'd like to see though. I'd reckon that you could stand to go darker in the recesses and lighter for the highlights--but maybe this is just an effect of the photography?

    Whatever the case, great work you have there!