Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FAIL Birthday Tournament - Army Showcase

I mentioned yesterday that I attended the  Frederick All Inclusive League (FAIL) birthday celebration and tournament and had a great time! I also mentioned that our very own FTW blogger HuronBH won best presentation by 1 point, with the Dead Tau Project coming in second. I brought my camera with me and grabbed some pictures of several armies that were on the tables during the day. Here are some of the better pictures which came out.

First we have the army that won Best Presentation, HuronBH's Howling Griffons:

We also have a look at the "Players Choice" army:

Here we have one of the Sugarland Gamers Tyranid army:

With a closer look at his Swarmlord:

A Marine army:

An ugly (as in ouch to play against) Chaos army... Defilers anyone?

Even though I personally do not like Nurgle, here is some Nurgley Goodness:

And lastly, the Ebel Sons Ork army:


  1. 'An Ugly Chaos Army'

    Sounds kinda harsh, though I wonder if that was the actual name of the army or some sort of inside joke?

  2. LOL..... not my intention at all!! Ugly as in lots of Defilers and ugly to play against... I will make the correction.

    thanks for pointing that out, sometimes brain to fingers does not always translate well.

  3. lol, brain to fingers does better than brain to mouth, at least with fingers you can edit. I didn't think you were trying to be negative, just didn't quite know where you were going with that.